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    10 Ways to Monetize A Blog And How to earn Money from Website


    Making money with your website isn’t just a myth. It’s possible for anyone to do it.Actually, the transformation of a hobby, part-time site or blog into a profitable asset is pretty common with a little luck and a little perseverance.10 Ways to Monetize A Blog And How to earn Money from Website.

    At the minimum you should be able to earn enough to pay for domain registration and web hosting, which are crucial to keep your website running and running.You may even be able to earn enough to cover your expenses (and you can then earn more).

    Be aware that the methods listed below are a mix of easy and passive to ones that require a lot of work (so ensure you choose the one that best suits your needs and your lifestyle).

    How to earn money from website ,The 10 Most Common Methods

    Making money with your website isn’t an easy task. These 10 tips are likely your best option to begin.

    1. Affiliate Marketing (.. and Affiliate Links)

    Examples of a profitable affiliate site:

    Affiliate marketing is among the most well-known (not to mention the fastest) ways to earn money through your website or blog. Statista estimates that by 2022, businesses will invest around $8.2 billion in affiliate marketing.

    Begin by identifying an item you enjoy or would suggest. Your website should then be the place where you will endorse the product and then promote the product to your site visitors or email readers. When the item or product is popular with them then they’ll click the affiliate link, and buy the item (while you receive a portion of the purchase cost).

    The commission could range between 30% and 70% of the price of the item or service and as high as 70%..

    For instance for example, if the split was 50% and you’re promoting an ebook for $100, you’ll earn $50 for just by referring the customer. Pretty sweet deal, huh? !

    Where Can I Find Products to Promote?

    Commission junction – provides secure products that pay on time.

    ShareASale is primarily clothing accessories, as well as other items that aren’t sold online.

    Clickbank offers high-percentage payouts, however there’s an absence of quality products to market.

    2. “Pay Per Click” Advertising (Google Adsense)

    AdWords are ads which appear at the top of Google search results pages.

    AdSense is the opposite which allows publishers to access Google’s vast advertising network to allow other advertisers can display advertisements on their websites.

    The greatest thing about this system is how easy everything is.

    After you have signed for an account, Google will place a simple code on your site that will recognize the content on your website and then begin showing relevant ads. For instance, if your website is focused on pets (dogs and cats), Google AdSense will start showing your users advertisements related to cat food, dog training, and many more.

    You earn money each when someone clicks the advert. (Yes it’s actually that simple!)

    The amount you earn could range between $0.50 or $5 depending on the number of clicks. If your website has sufficient traffic, you could earn several hundred dollars (if and not thousands) every month.

    How to Apply for Google Adsense?

    Apply for AdSense When you apply ensure that you are keeping current with their most recent Terms of Service. Google has extremely strict guidelines which makes it difficult to be (and remain) accepted.

    3. Sell Ad Space

    The incorporation of Google’s AdSense onto your site is only one of the ways to earn money through online ads.

    Another option is to offer your own advertising space directly to businesses looking to be sponsors for blogs. You could determine a cost to each space like: “Sidebar banner ads will cost $xxx per month”.

    The amount you earn is contingent on how many visits you have. It is usually stated as an amount of money per million views (or CPM ). It could be $5 CPM. If the website receives 100,000 visits per month, the ad cost is equivalent to $500 dollars.

    The advantage of this strategy is that, when your website receives tons of visitors from various sources, your advertising banners can be priced up to $500,000 per month! The main drawback is that if the site isn’t receiving a lot of visitors, you shouldn’t be expecting to make much money either.

    Another common method for selling advertising space directly from your site is a direct price. Simply set the price (based on the amount you believe you’re worth, in comparison to what other companies might be charging) and then get an upfront payment at the beginning of every month. It’s also usually one-time flat fees, not linked to a Cost per Click, like AdSense.

    Where Can I Let Others Know That My Website Is Selling Ad Space?

    BuySellAds is the most well-known way to inform the world that you’re selling ads.

    4. Sell Your Own Digital Product (E-Book for Example)

    You can earn the most by selling your product on a per-sale model when you make your own products available for sale directly.

    There’s no middle-man or other person between the purchaser who’s taking a cut of the earnings.

    The idea seems simple enough since you could sell these items directly on your website and be paid right away. But it’s far from easy in actual reality.

    Producing quality products that are properly made and polished can take a lot of effort and time as well as additional resources (like content, design and design.). There are a lot of hidden expenses’ in both the time taken and the contractors to work with. Selling your own products on your website can also raise problems with shipping and payment gateways and tax.

    If this isn’t enough work it’s also important to have an attractive, well-designed landing page that will ensure that your product is able to achieve a high conversion rate.

    5. Accept Donations From Visitors

    If you don’t get many monthly visitors, but you have a vibrant active community? Just ask your readers to make a donation!

    Donations that are one-time donations aren’t an easy way to make money however it can assist in covering costs for the near-term, when people are impressed by the content you’ve written and would like to assist in your efforts.

    For instance, PayPal offers little donation buttons that require only 10 minutes to put on your site. The buttons provide you with an easy way to recover what you would spend on website hosting service, new products or research, as well as other expenses to keep your blog healthy and active blog.

    For instance, makes lots of money through donations (most likely because of their millions of visitors each month).

    6. Sell Sponsored Posts (…but Use Nofollow Tag)

    One of the most common methods to earn more revenue from your site is to get the number of visitors to your site up.

    After you’ve completed the work of creating regular traffic to your website by forming a community that is engaged There are several options to make money from the hard work you’ve put into it.

    For instance, many businesses will go to great lengths to find blogs that can contain advertisements. “Native advertising” like this is effective since it’s in sync with the primary content of your website and is perceived as appropriate and transparent.

    You may also look at the products offered by a business in an advertisement that is part content, part advertising. If, for instance, your site is focused on the most recent iOS games available for iPhones and iPads The creator of the advertisements would like to review and present their app to your followers.

    When it’s done properly when done correctly, it can result in an ideal win-win situation. If done wrong and with unauthentic or irrelevant web content, it may destroy all the trust you’ve put in to earn to begin with.

    7. Generate ‘Leads’ for Other Companies

    Businesses thrive off new leads coming through their door inquiring about goods or services.

    It’s not surprising that they’re always on the hunt looking for innovative ways to locate new leads that can aid in their growth.

    For instance:

    Let’s say that you run website that is focused on teaching math concepts. The information of your readers (like the email addresses or telephone number) could be of huge worth to a variety of online schools looking to market their classes to enthusiastic and active students.

    In essence, you’re connecting dots, playing matchmaker by introducing two people who could benefit from one another. Although it’s similar to how affiliate marketing operates but in this case it’s irrelevant whether the reader decides to buying their product. They’re simply seeking an introduction.

    10 Ways to Monetize A Blog And How to earn Money from Website

    8. Build an ‘Email List’

    You can spend hours studying blog growth strategies and you’ll see people saying ” the money’s in the list“.

    They’re talking about the email lists you have, and which is comprised of your most loyal customers. The aim is to convert the majority of people who come to your website for the first times into avid followers who want to keep up-to-date with your most recent work or updates.

    It’s an ongoing strategy (and it’s unlikely that you’ll become wealthy in a matter of days). It’s nevertheless one of the most effective, long-term strategies to make your blog profitable and grow into a profitable, full-time business.

    Do not forget to establish connections to your fans. Offering valuable information or providing assistance for free is the best approach to start. Inundating people with offers you don’t want to offer is among the most effective methods to abuse your readers’ trust and undermine your long-term objectives.

    9. Set Up an eCommerce Site (Hard Work Is Required)

    Websites don’t need to be focused on content. They can also be focused around tools or items that are sold online.


    There are many thousands of online sites as well as online shops. Be sure yours has a niche that is unique to it with a well-planned plan and the most recent methods of marketing to differentiate from the rest.

    10. Flip Your Websites (Create -> Sell -> Reinvest)

    It’s true there’s always a market for your website.

    This means that if you’ve gained a following (or perhaps even sold a few items or even included advertisements on your website) it’s possible that you’ll be able sell it to another company and earn a quick cash.

    We normally don’t recommend people think about flipping their website or blog (we’re more of a proponent of making something that’s designed that will last for a long time).

    It’s no secret the potential for profit. For instance, if your site earns $500 per month through the sale of ad space, you may be able sell the website for between $5,000 and $10,000 (which is roughly 12x to 22x monthly revenue).

    Another possibility is to market ready-made websites They are less expensive yet there’s still profit that can be earned.

    How do I sell my website?

    Flippa is the most well-known marketplace on the internet.

    We Buy Websites: Another well-known marketplace.

    FEInternational mostly for high-end websites.

    In the past, we’ve identified the most sought-after ways to make money through your website.

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