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    3 Ideas Realtors Can Use for Their Social Media Strategy 


    As a realtor, you must regularly attract new clients that bring you better listings and those who become your clients and buy a house through you. 

    But in today’s world, marketing has changed significantly, as different ways to attract clients’ attention have emerged. 

    There are many ways to market your real estate business, of which social media is one of the best. No matter where one is, social media platforms are accessed by all in the world. Its far-spread reach makes it a potent marketing tool. While there are many social media marketing ideas for real estate agents, it is important to be aware of the best ones that can impact your marketing campaign positively. 

    The platforms are used not only for connecting with your friends and peers but also for businesses to interact with their current customers and target to attract new audiences. 

    One can use social media to spread the word about your services and generate leads. 

    Following are some ideas that you can use for your social media marketing strategy.

    1.Take Advantage of Infographics

    Infographics are one of the best graphic design formats that you can use. These types of designs take advantage of both information and graphics. 

    The basic idea herein is to provide the audience with relevant information in a seamless, easy-to-understand design format. 

    For instance, advertisement posters can be considered a type of infographic design. 

    The elements of an infographic are pictures, text, and information that entices people to perform the desired CTA. 

    As a realtor, you can use infographics to highlight the benefits of buying property or even highlight some relevant information about a particular property.

    2.Use Reels

    Reels are the new hot feature on Instagram; they are short-form videos taking over the world by storm. Not only is short video content popular on Instagram, but other platforms such as Youtube and Facebook have also introduced their short video content. These video formats are widely used, and many creators take charge of them to promote their business. 

    Not only are they easy to watch, but they are also quite shareable and engaging, making them an effective marketing tool. 

    Posting reels and Youtube shorts is one of the most effective social media marketing ideas for real estate agents. 

    You can make 15 to 45 seconds videos about a property or show a glimpse of the property you have on the listing. 

    3.Use New Filters and Other Features

    Social media platforms often come up with new features and filters that you can use for your real estate agent’s account. When you use new features such as filters, a different posting format, or any other, the platform’s algorithm supports your content more. 

    It increases your overall reach on social media and boosts impressions. 

    For instance, when Instagram released the feature of posting reels, every account that posted reels gained more reach as the algorithm showed it to more accounts. 

    So, these are some of the ideas raptors can use to improve their social media strategies effectively. 

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