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    5 Healthy Coping Mechanisms For PTSD


    There is a plethora of negativity and distractive thoughts in today’s world. Taking care of our mental health has also become incredibly difficult. On top of all this, millions globally suffer from health conditions like PTSD that affect their overall well-being. In this blog, let us discuss five healthy mechanisms to cope with PTSD and how various products, like CBD, can help you while you do so.

    What is PTSD?

    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD, is caused when one has witnessed or was a part of a shocking or frightening event. It takes a heavy toll on the person and can affect their day-to-day life in plenty of ways. This disorder is commonly present in the people who previously served in the military and thus are most likely to become a witness to these kinds of unsettling events on the battlefield. PTSD can also be the natural response to other traumatic experiences such as accidents, sexual abuse, physical assault, or violence. PTSD is a very severe condition that affects the lives of many worldwide and millions in the United States itself. Women are almost twice as likely as men to develop PTSD. 

    Symptoms of PTSD

    The symptoms of PTSD include moodiness, sleeplessness, and heightened anxiety. You also feel the constant urge to avoid social interactions. You can also have frequent flashbacks of the traumatic events that caused PTSD. Other times, you may also see other random negative memories that have occurred much after the initial proceedings of the condition already began. 

    These flashbacks can also be linked to several other triggers like specific places, music, photos, happenings, and events. This condition lasts for a long time. It affects the daily lives and mental state of the individuals and their loved ones for a lifetime. 

    Coping with PTSD

    Many people frequently try unhealthy or harmful coping mechanisms to deal with this issue and often get caught in a trap, usually addiction. This practice is destructive on many levels. Even if some of these practices offer a seemingly positive effect in a short span, they could be disastrous in the long run.

    Examples of these harmful practices include addictive substances like alcohol, and recreational drugs, that numb your feelings for some time. Even though you feel some relief with these methods, growing alcohol or drug dependence can result in catastrophic aftereffects. Hence, you should not use these artificial substances as substitutes for natural procedures or therapy. For instance, CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) is a trusted way of dealing with this disorder. Read on further to know about five healthy coping mechanisms for PTSD that won’t affect you in the long run.

    5 Healthy Coping Mechanisms for PTSD

    Let us look at a few healthy options you can consider if you or someone you love is fighting the negativity from PTSD.

    • Exercise and Sleep

    A proper diet, physical activity, and quality sleep are the three pillars of a healthier body and mind. They can fix almost any issue you face regularly. However, PTSD is a critical condition that requires intricate care of your sleeping and activity habits. Many patients have reported that an exercise (any form of physical activity) they love has helped them massively deal with the stress and focus on something else. Proper workouts can lead to better nighttime sleep, reducing the chances of a shallow sleep where you may encounter nightmares or flashbacks. Your mind is well-rested and prepared for a fresher morning when you sleep well at night. 

    • Social Activity

    Social activity can help push you out of your comfort zone, talk to people, and share your feelings. You may also find friends who help you get through your tough times. Opening up about your issues often help you see the light and understand that it’s much worse in your head. When you increase the amount of your social activity, you tend to feel the togetherness and care that some people share for you. It may help you overcome the negativity and loneliness that PTSD promotes.

    • Meditation and Therapy

    Meditation helps you get closer to yourself more than any other way. It is the best path to knowing your body and mind better. Practicing mindfulness and conditioning your mind for productive thoughts might be one way of avoiding nightmares or flashbacks. 

    Therapy might be another helpful resource when battling PTSD. Many consider it among the best solutions for PTSD treatment, as you can get help from an expert who understands what you feel. 

    • CBD

    Cannabidiol might be another impressive way of dealing with PTSD. It is a product of the Cannabis plant, which many of us know as the parent plant of marijuana. However, it is a versatile plant that produces hundreds of compounds, just like CBD. CBD products often contain some percentage of THC, though THC products like THC gummies are sold on their own too. It serves to thousands worldwide due to its potential medicinal and recreational properties. It might help you relax and incorporates a soothing and relaxing sensation after consumption. 

    The potential benefits of CBD line up pretty well with the symptoms of PTSD, giving us strong reasons to believe that it may help you against this condition. Contrary to the beliefs, CBD is not addictive as popular drugs or alcohol. It is also natural and has very few side effects. For now, studies on this product are limited and need more time. Once it reaches its full potential in the market, its reach could be endless.  

    • Pets

    Pets become great friends who can help you through challenging times, just like your human friends, maybe even better! Especially trained pets can help you avoid the harmful symptoms of PTSD. Many pet owners claim that spending time with their furry friends helps reduce their stress levels drastically. Hence, they may be helpful for PTSD patients who need something to take their minds off the flashbacks.

    Final Thoughts

    Hence, there are plenty of ways to deal with conditions like PTSD. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you the best. If you are someone who beliefs in talking about your problems, therapies or social interactions might be the most beneficial for you. However, if you want “simpler” solutions without much hassle, products like CBD might come to your rescue. However, remember to consult with your doctor and know about these products entirely before trying them. Also, check the laws in your region for a proper understanding of the product. It is high time to leave behind the negativity of PTSD and start a new and better life. It would help you have a positive outlook on life and those around you. 

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