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    About Victoria’s Vile Viscount Palmerston


    After just three episodes, Season 3 of Victoria has already turned the monarchy upside down with protests by chartists as well as the birth of an additional tiny monarch. This season has not only brought us into a turbulent period in England but it also introduced many new characters, most of whom look into in the distance the mostdisconcertingly.

    There are few who seem as suspect or shady as the Lord Palmerston who is the smug Secretary for Foreign Affairs. When he’sn’t laughing at our favourite queen or glaring at her waiting ladies He’s laying down guns (!!!) at the Chartist headquarters. Chartist the Chartist headquarters (!!! ).

    What a jerk!

    Who was this savage lothario actually in real life? We took a trip in the official WGBH time machine ( Ahem – the internet) to look out additional… with no spoilers obviously. This is the result – The 10 most important facts of IRL Lord Palmerston. IRL Lord Palmerston.

    1. Palmerston was a native speaker of Italian at his early years born Henry John Temple, Palmerston was blessed in his early years being the youngest son of a peer of Ireland. He toured Europe over — wait for this two years the span of two decades in the company of his parents, from the age of 8 to 10. the time during which he made this tour when he began learning Italian through a private tutor.

    2. Henry was fighting but not someone to love — Henry was well-known for fighting in school, but he preferred to fight bigger and stronger bullies instead of punching them down.lord palmerston on victoria

    3. It was his 3rd Viscount Palmerston -in 1802, Henry’s father died. and he became the 3 3rd Viscount Palmerston at the seventeen years old.

    4. Palmerston began his work in the Parliament as an Tory (or Tory) Although we see Palmerston as an Whig Foreign Secretary, his started working in Parliament at the age of 23. Tory member in Newport located on the Isle of Wight.

    5. He was the Secretary of War over a period of 20 years In 1809 Spencer Perceval, Prime Minister to King George IV, appointed Palmerston as Secretary of War. who was responsible for the financial affairs of the army.

    6. Palmerston was killed by an angry protester — About half-way through his tenure at the War Office, Palmerston was shot by an officer who had retired who was Lieutenant Davies who had an issue with his pension. When Palmerston discovered that Davies was declared crazy, Palmerston paid for his legal defense.

    7. Palmerston served as the foreign secretary at the time Victoria was in powerin the 2nd term, as the Foreign Secretary in Victoria’s first years it’s fascinating that he wasn’t present in season one. It’s possible that he was perhaps a little distracted by the tensions in Turkey, the Middle East, Egypt and Turkey and also his work to make China’s borders more open to allow free trade. However…

    8. Victoria as well as Palmerston had a beef and argued about the importance of a good relationship. Victoria was not a believer in Palmerston to the extent that they could toss him mostly due to his propensity to take decisions without the consent of the Parliament or her. They often disagreed about her role in deciding the foreign policy. lord palmerston on victoria.

    9. Palmerston was a very slyto increase his public image and to promote the British nationalist spirit that accompanied his foreign policy work, Palmerston was known for the control of all communications that came from his office, leaks to the media as well as publishing confidential documents.

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