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    The Features Uses & Advantages of the MP4 format


    When it comes to the most popular medium used extensively all around the globe by millions of people, video tops the list. Besides individuals, multinational companies use video as a medium to promote their products and services. The primary reason the multimedia format is so popular is that it features numerous versatile formats. Thus, almost every individual with a phone or video camera can create video-based content.

    One of the most popular video formats is MP4. According to Wikipedia, MP4 is defined as a digitized multimedia-containing file type that facilitates users to store tons of mini audio and video files easily. Since the format is so popular, almost everyone who owns a Mac, PC, tablet, or even a smartphone has come across the format at one point. Another factor that sets the MP4 format apart from the rest of the herd is that it is extremely versatile, i.e., it can run on all major platforms and devices, including macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, etc. This article will cover the steps following which users can play an MP4 file on their Mac or Windows PC, its features, its uses, and the numerous advantages of the file format. So let us dive right into it:

    How to Play an MP4 File on macOS and Windows:

    MP4 is a versatile file format; thus, it runs smoothly on all major platforms and operating systems. Here is a detailed look at how macOS and Windows users can conveniently play any MP4 file on their device without hassle:

    macOS: The majority of the users prefer using macOS’ native QuickTime player to open and play videos. However, the powerful multimedia player does not support the MP4 file format, so users cannot use it to play MP4 files. Thankfully, there are numerous other ways that macOS users can open MP4 files on their PC. For instance, if you are wondering how to watch MP4 on Mac, you can download, install and use Elmedia Player to open any MP4 video on your Mac. Besides being a powerful third-party macOS-compatible multimedia player that facilitates users to play MP4 files without hassle, the app features numerous other features that enhance the user’s experience. Another great media player that allows users to play MP4 files on macOS is Movist Pro. Besides the MP4 format, both multimedia players support numerous other formats, such as AVI, MOV, FLV, DAT, MP3, etc. Moreover, they also facilitate users to define the video’s playback quality, add subtitles, etc.

    Windows: Like macOS, Windows also supports numerous multimedia players supporting the MP4 file format. One great third-party application is VLC. It supports MP4 files and facilitates users to conveniently open and play any MP4 video. Besides VLC, KMPlayer is another great option for Windows users if they wish to open an MP4 file.

    Features of MP4 Format:

    • MP4 is a highly compressible file format.
    • It is an open-source container format that anyone can easily use to create high-quality videos.
    • MP4 is a highly-versatile file format supported on all major platforms, operating systems, and devices.
    • Since it offers top-tier sound and video quality without occupying tons of space, the MP4 format is used extensively throughout the globe by video creators.
    • As opposed to other file formats, the quality of an MP4 file does not deteriorate after compression, which is why one of the main reasons why creators love making MP4 videos.
    • Almost every multimedia player is compatible with the MP4 file format since it is deemed the industry standard for videos. 

    Uses of MP4 Format:

    The MP4 format is closely related to the MOV file format; hence, you can use it to shoot different types of videos, such as commercials, short films, etc. Moreover, since the format does not occupy too much space, it is perfect for creating web-based content. In addition, the MP4 file format is highly compressible; hence, users can utilize it to create compact videos and share them over different platforms.

    Advantages of MP4 Format:

    The MP4 file format offers numerous benefits to users, which is why it is one of the most widely-used video formats all around the globe. For starters, since the format occupies less space without compromising on quality, most web-based platforms prefer using MP4 videos. Moreover, the format is highly versatile, making it easy for users to access MP4 files on any device without hassle. Another significant benefit of the file format is that it is highly compressible, making it very easy for users to view, share, store and manage MP4 files. Lastly, since the famous file format supports metadata, editors prefer using the file format as it facilitates them to make a video more appealing by adding interactive elements.

    The MP4 container format’s popularity is still on the rise, thanks to its evergreen features, most of which offer unrivaled flexibility to users.

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