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    Alex Murdaugh stands accused of murdering his wife and son


    The most compelling true crime stories lead us into the deepest part of our souls, seldom is a story able to reveal the dark side of the nation. The case that has been dubbed ” the Murdaugh murders” appears as if it could be only found in America -an account of generations of influence and corruption. It’s an Southern Gothic morality play about an affluent but dying Southern family with a huge amount of influence and wealth fueled an enthralling spree of recklessness greed, greed and murder.

    The article that is aptly titled ” a lot of dead people and crime” concerns family members from the Murdaugh (pronounced “Murdock”) family, who have amassed wealth and power in South Carolina for over 100 years. However, this century of power has collapsed in less than an eon because of a lengthy number of financial crimes as well as five murders that have been suspected since 2015 the accused homophobic hate crime an infamous boating accident that killed a person that was a mystery; a fall-related insurance fraud and an apparent double murder in the family’s matriarch and her son of choice and an unsettling roadside incident that could be a relic of an insurance fraud. The entire web of mystery ended with an recently announced charge of indictment in the South Carolina county court of the struggling the patriarch Alex Murdaugh, for the murders of 2021 that he committed against his son and wifewhich brings the total amount of charges he faces to more than the 80 mark..

    Murdaugh has pleaded not in a plea of not guilty to murder charge on the 20th of July and set the scene for what could be a shambolic trial, with media attention. This is due in part to the successful podcast that started as an attempt by a local journalist to draw attention to the investigation. The Murdaugh murders have grown into a nationwide true crime obsession.

    Are you ready to get into the depths? It is possible to get an oxygen tank for this particular one and, as you’d imagine from this overview it is dark water.

    Meet the Murdaughs

    The Murdaughs have ruled the South Carolina’s ” Lowcountry,” the lush, mossy, lush wedge that lies at the bottom of the state for more than 100 years from the time Randolph Murdaugh Sr. founded his law firm at Hampton County in 1910..

    The company eventually expanded to become a powerful, large firm that was run through his son Randolph Jr., and his grandson, Randolph III. From 1920 until 2006, all three men were solicitors (a.k.a. prosecutor) for South Carolina’s 14th Circuit Court. The Murdaughs have served for 86 years as solicitors for the circuit represented among the longest lasting family tradition that has been recorded in US history. It was, as you could think, the circuit solicitors’ tenure provided the family a huge amount of influence and power not only in Hampton County but over the other four counties that fall under the jurisdiction of the circuit.

    Randolph IV and Alex, two of the sons of Randolph III were the sons of their father who followed in his footsteps and went on to become lawyers. Since South Carolina eventually barred attorneys from working in the dual role of prosecutor in the public sphere as well as private lawyer, both two men were not solicitors -however, they still served in the capacity of “volunteer” prosecutors assisting their father, while also continuing their family’s law practice. The solicitor’s office eventually dismissed Alex and the firm that was run by the family has changed their name as from Peters Murdaugh Parker Eltzroth and Detrick which is usually abbreviated to PMPED the name was changed and changed its name to Parker Law Group earlier this year, likely to avoid the negative stigma that has grown around the Murdaugh name, particularly its connection to Alex Murdaugh.

    Alex who was pronounced “Alec,” was a golden child that gave birth to golden children. Born in 1967, he followed in his family’s footsteps and studied law at the University of South Carolina, where he met athlete-turned-sorority-sister Margaret “Maggie” Branstetter. They got married in 1993, and later had two sons: Buster who was born in 1996 and Paul who was birthed in 1999. The family was lavish and shared their time between the beach house, two private islands, as well as the massive estate of 1,772 acres, called Moselle -and, like it was a law office, named to avoid its ties with the Murdaughs.

    However, the family also led life of hedonism. Alex as well as both of his sons would be accused of addiction to alcohol and drugs as well as wild, reckless behaviors in the months leading up to the string of crime. Particularly, Alex’s decades of extravagant lifestyles resulted in a plethora of financial crimes that were alleged, such as embezzlement, fraud, and numerous insurance frauds, all leading to an estimated $8.5 millions as theft, and that led to numerous murders.

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