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    An overview of the prices for UK Club campsites


    A major part of our objectives is to provide an affordable pitch for each member. Many of our members enjoy a “back to basics’ camping experience, whereas others prefer a complete camping site with shower blocks, a playground and restaurant. Whatever you prefer to do during your stay whether it’s during the week in summer or just on weekends during winter, average camping pitch price uk 2021, we offer an array of campsites and pitches with different prices to fit every budget.

    Children (under 5 years) Dogs, awnings and dogs are always free, and members can save up to the price of a night’s stay by 15p each time they are staying at one of our camping sites.

    Similar to many other campsites and leisure organizations like many other leisure and camping organisations, the Club has different rates at different seasons. We are currently upgrading our service by adopting the flexibility of pricing, based on demand and the time of booking. The new system will gradually roll across all campsites in 2023. Members can now make reservations for the year ahead and benefit from the ‘early bird’ discount.

    Only members are able to book for the initial month when pitch stock is to be offered for sale at the lowest price possible.

    We are different from other campsites in that we do not charge an all-inclusive fixed price for a pitch , plus the maximum quantity of guest. Our the cost is per night for a pitch with prices for adults and/or children between 5 and 17 years old. This allows us to provide the most reasonable and affordable rates that are proportional to how big your group.

    In addition, throughout the year we also offer great discount promotions to make your stay with us less expensive. Don’t forget about the numerous offers for members we offer – click this page for more details.

    If you have any concerns about our prices, please go through our FAQs.

    What’s included at the Club campsites?

    All prices are inclusive of electricity, unless specified or stated. VAT is also included (at the rate applicable). average camping pitch price uk 2021, There aren’t any charges for blinds and children (children less than five years old) or dogs, as well as the usage for hot or cold water.

    Standard pitch prices

    Pitches are priced on the basis of the hardstanding Pitch (with or without an awning) with some variations: a Non-Electric Economy Pitch is c.50 percent less expensive than an equivalent Pitch that is a Hardstanding Pitch and a grass Pitch is priced PS1 less expensive than an Hardstanding Pitch.

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