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    Apptopia Trump Twitter Bigtechnology: PROHIBITING TRUMP DIDN’T CHANGE


    During the time that Donald Trump used to be president, a lot of people believed that Twitter’s future was closely tied to him since it was his primary method of communication with the public. There was a belief that, without Trump, Twitter would lose truckloads of users, and that engagement decreased. Now it appears that Twitter has been banned by Trump but the numbers show that his absence did not have any impact on its user base.

    The use of Twitter remains remarkably consistent following Trump’s removal as per the most recent information provided by the analytics company Apptopia. Through the month of January Twitter was barely a one digit in its users’ numbers. It’s difficult to determine the date when he was exiled from the Twitter trend line users.

    This shows that it is impossible for one individual to have a significant impact on this massive of social network. The comment was made on the part of Adam Blacker, Apptopia’s VP. The things that people are interested in that impact the number of users’ social events, and less so the individuals.

    The data shows that Twitter does not care about the its users who are the most powerful regardless of the number of followers the app has or the amount of advertising revenues the company could make through his tweets. It’s fascinating to observe how the social media platform set its core values and prohibited before all else when it came to the decision to block Trump from Twitter


    Twitter as an social platform was obligated to allow for conversation on the platform. It wasn’t an easy choice to block Trump. However, ultimately they believed that Trump brought negative messages onto the social media platform two week warning supermarket.

    Twitter set an example for all world leaders through their ban on Trump as if to predict that you’ll be next. Some leaders may want to ban Twitter within their own countries, or might wish to use Twitter to ban certain types of content or remove certain individuals who they do not want heard. India is currently threatening Twitter staff with criminal prosecution when Twitter provides journalists with an opportunity to speak out against the government. This is alarming to the site.


    Twitter declined to comment , however they didn’t deny the data provided by Apptopia. Apptopia draws data from 125,000 applications across iOS and Android in addition to other sources that are accessible to the public, in order to draw its conclusions. Based on their findings there was no evidence of any significant changes in Twitter use, uninstall rates or downloads, sessions among people of all ages following the ban.

    Twitter did enjoy a successful 4 years of cooperation with Trump. At this time Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey barely survived being removed by shareholders who were agitated. The company’s advertising revenue tripled during the Trump presidency. It’s not known whether this was due to or because Trump employed the form frequently to inform the nation.

    With the tweets of @realDonaldTrump not being present, Twitter possibly even benefited from an increase in revenue according to what we heard from Darren Lachtman, a former Twitter director who, when discussing Trump’s resignation, stated. “If anything, this will be a plus for advertisers who had become put off by Trump’s toxicity from the previous few years.”

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