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    Barra Airport, the world’s sole beach airport


    Barra Airport is one of the world’s most breathtaking and beautiful airports. It’s situated within Barra Island. Hebridean Island located in Barra. It really is a beach in fact, it’s actually the sole airport that lets scheduled flights depart and land on beaches, provided that the three runways at the airport aren’t submerged at high tide. This large shallow bay of Traigh Mhor, near Barra’s northern end, was known for its cockles before aircraft began using the beach on June 14, 1933. Air services scheduled between and to Barra Airport began on 7th August 1936. beach airport, The beach is laid up with 3 runways with wooden poles marking their end. This permits for the Twin Otters that serve the airport to always fly in the direction of the winds. When the tide is high, these runways are submerged and flights must be scheduled regularly in accordance with the tide. In the event of an emergency night landing needed, car lighting is used to light the runway. Reflective strips are laid down on the beach.

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