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    A Guide To Best Fiber Internet Providers -USA 2022


    The world has been taken by storm by technological advancements that have made it a necessity for internet companies to be able to offer different kinds of internet services to remain competitive and to meet the needs of their clients: these offerings include fiber-optic internet, cable, fixed wireless, DSL and even satellite connections. Increasingly with the demand for high-speed connections, the demand for fiber optic internet has been growing exponentially. Various internet service providers have begun to offer fiber connections to cater to the increasing speed demands. This high competition within the industry has helped in controlling the prices of these services. However, the amount of choice tends to confuse consumers in selecting an ISP for their household. Consequently, we have listed all of the best ISPs in the USA for the ease of our readers!

    What is Fiber Internet?

    This is the internet, which delivers data very fast: at the speeds of light using fiber optic cables which are made out of many super thin strands of glass. The network primarily operates using two types of cables: Single-Mode and Multi-Mode in order to transmit the data. Single-Code Cables have a smaller center allowing them to transmit data easily over long distances. Multi-Mode Cables have a larger center making them perfect for in-city data delivery. The availability of fiber internet is not prevalent all over the USA, but it is the top priority of ISPs to ensure that fiber connections reach far-flung places and lower costs further! Currently, in the USA, there are 46.5 million homes with access to fiber optic connections and only 37% are using it!

    The best internet providers:


    Providing internet in over 44 states, this brand is one of the largest in the USA. Spectrum also uses an HFC Network Infrastructure to be able to deliver super-fast speeds to customers. The firm has 3 packages offered which include: Spectrum Internet which offers 200 Mbps for $50 per month, followed by Spectrum Internet Ultra which offers 400 Mbps for $70 per month, and lastly the Spectrum Internet Gig which offers 940 Mbps for $110 per month, while these prices are subjected to location. These plans all come with additional benefits including unlimited data, national hotspot access, as well as a protection suite!

    Comcast Xfinity

    This brand is one of the largest ISPs currently operational in the USA. The number of customers Xfinity serves is millions of customers across 40 states including California, Illinois, and Florida. Xfinity makes use of a Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Network to deliver lightning-fast internet speeds – up to 2,000 Mbps – in the USA! These speeds are currently available only in selected areas. Using this system, the internet data can travel to the end user by using fiber optic cable lines. Where the fiber optic cable is not available, the network switches to copper cables automatically. The speediest plan – the Gigabit Pro Plan by Comcast Xfinity costs $229.95 every month and promises speeds up to 2,000 Mbps.

    Verizon Fios

    A small but mighty player: Verizon Fios is available only in 9 states! However, if they are offering services near you, it is a no-brainer! The first to offer fiber optic cable-based internet to residential clients. The services are available for over 35 million users and have been repeatedly awarded as the fastest internet provider in the USA and the fastest fiber internet provider in the USA! Their plans start from $40 for 200 Mbps per month to $80 for 940 Mbps per month.


    AT&T is one of the better-known ISPs for providing fast fiber-based internet connections within the USA at affordable! AT&T packages begin at only $35 monthly for internet speeds of 200 Mbps and go up to $60 monthly for 940 Mbps. The internet package is coupled with TV services boasting an ultra-exclusive lineup not available anywhere else! The only downside is the limited availability of fiber cable connections; however, the plans are great, economical, and offer great speeds for small, medium, and high-speed home-based users!

    Final Words

    The above-mentioned internet companies are the ones offering the best optic fiber connectivity within the United States. Simply reach out to these companies and confirm availability in your area: follow up with them about packages and deals and decide on one, which suits your individual household needs!

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