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    Blackboard ttu Collaborate instructors and students synchronous learning 2022


    Blackboard ttu Collaborate

    With Blackboard Collaborate instructors and students can participate in synchronous learning. This can help to create virtual classrooms and spaces that provide more possibilities for students no matter where they may be.Blackboard ttu

    Texas Tech University currently utilizes two different versions that use Blackboard Collaborate, The Classic and the Ultra. There are some key difference between both versions that assist you in choosing which one is best suited to your specific needs.

    The Emergency Transfer to Online Classes Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Student Guide

    Blackboard Collaborate Traditional vs. Ultra

    Collaborate Classic

    1. Installation of launcher is required.
    2. Installation of launcher is required.
    3. The session creation process is initiated within the Blackboard course.
    4. eRaider login required.
    5. Participants must have enrolled into a specific course in order to be able to attend the session.
    6. Provides support for up to 1,000 participants.
    7. It is possible to record sessions.
    8. Grade center support is available.

    Collaborate Ultra

    Now is accessible via Blackboard.

    1. No installation required. It is entirely browser-based.
    2. Sessions are created from an Ultra account is not associated with a specific Blackboard course.
    3. No e Raider login required.
    4. Participants don’t need to be registered in an Blackboard course to be able to access the sessions.
    5. Up to 100 participants can be supported.
    6. It is possible to record sessions.
    7. Does not allow Grade Center Integration.

    Blackboard 9.1 Tips

    General Issues with Browsers:

    Refresh your browser:Close all the internet browser windows. Sometimes, it’s helpful to allow your browser to get an overhaul! It’s possible to restart your computer, too.

    Make sure your browser is supported : Make sure that you are using the browser that is compatible with Blackboard Learn 9.1.

    Try an alternative compatible browser : There is a myriad of settings, software and configurations which could make one supported browser perform better than the other on your system. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari come with a variety of supported browser versions.

    Troubleshoot Java problems within Blackboard: Having problems with the Chat Tool? Do you have trouble uploading your files to your PC? Do you have access to your HTML Editor?

    • Verify or update Java Certificate Java Certificate
    • Download and install the latest version of Your Java plug-in
    • Issues with eRaider, your network or technical issues: IT Help Central is available to help in resolving eRaider sign-in issues and browser problems, as well as other technical problems you might experience email them at, or visit the IT Help Central website.Blackboard ttu

    Tips to be Successful during a test Blackboard ttu:

    Blackboard Exam Tips for Student

    1. Be aware that when the browser is closed the TIMER will continue to count down.
    2. Keep the answers in your notebook when you complete the exam.
    3. Don’t ever use the browser’s forward or back buttons.
    4. Never use the browser refresh button.
    5. Take care when you take the Blackboard test using the computer that is connected to WiFi (wireless). Use a computer linked to the Internet via the network (Ethernet) cable, if at any time.
    6. Don’t do the test on any portable device (i.e. tablet or phone).
    7. Always test your knowledge using an approved browser! Find the supported Browser versions by clicking here.
    8. Be sure to hit the save and submit button just once Then , wait until you see the confirmation page for submission before you leave the page.Blackboard ttu

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