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    Bobby Shmurda Explains The Deal He Took For Rowdy Rebel To Get Less Prison Time


    In a time when people who are snitches have been battling for fame, clinging to relevance through a thin thread and loyalty is the winner again. New York rapper Bobby Shmurda is now an uninvolved person after being released from jail earlier in the year. It’s been a while since he’s not released any new songs since his release but he’s spending time with his pals, and reconnecting and reuniting with family members as well as the GS9 group, which includes Rowdy Rebel Fetty Luciano as well as others.

    While they were awaiting their sentence, Bobby Shmurda famously struck an agreement with the prosecutor where he was willing to serve a longer time in prison in the event that Rowdy Rebel was given a less lenient sentence. Rowdy was scheduled to be given an initial sentence of 12 years, but it was eventually decreased to just six years. It was due to Bobby’s actions. He was the “Hot N***a” rapper is openly revealing his decision to spend more of the spotlight in an interview, outlining the reasons he chose to take the action the rapper did.

    “They tried to play that against me ’cause they wanted me to cop-out,” Bobby said Bobby at the time of the interview. “They tried to make use of Rowdy [Rebelagainst me to gain leverage. Like, aight I’m going to give Rowdy twelve years of his life and we’re going to give him the maximum amount when you don’t get along with Rowdy. Then I’m like, are you are going to take that to me?”

    Bobby states that he could have had the opportunity to be home sooner than what he actually did. He said that he might be released three years earlier. “I could have been home way earlier, 2018 or 2017,” Bobby told reporters.

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