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    Bobby Shmurda On His Plea Deal


    In the most recent season of “Drink Champs,” N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN joined DJ EFN and N.O.R.E. Bobby Shmurda to chat about his prison time bid, becoming independent, meeting JAY-Z and much more.

    born Ackquille Jean Pollard Miami, Florida, Shmurda relocated into East Flatbush, Brooklyn, after his father was found guilty for attempted murder back in the year 1995. As a teenager Shmurda had numerous encounters with law enforcement, so Shmurda decided to turn to rap as a means to communicate with his feelings. in 2014, Shmurda was able to take the genre with his announcement of his first single and the associated video “Hot N***a.” With more than 830 million views on YouTube the song topped at the number. 6. Billboard Hot 100 chart and earned him a contract with Epic Records. The self-described “Shmoney Dance” simultaneously dominated the web with all kinds of celebrities from Rihanna as well as Beyonce to athletes like Nick Young and Dion Waiters taking to the dance.

    In the same year, he launched his first album, Shmurda She Wrote that featured songs such as “Bobby B**ch” and several other songs. The EP featured performances of Ty Real and GS9 labelmate Rowdy Rebel. The EP also launched at the number. at 79 in the Billboard 200 with initial sales of 220,000 copies. The career of Shmurda ended abruptly after his as well as fourteen GS9 members were detained for conspiracy with a drug dealer as well as possession of firearms and numerous shootings. The rapper was not granted bail after he entered an agreement to plead guilty, and the rapper eventually agreed to an agreement to reduce the sentence from five to seven years, in exchange for lower sentence for Rebel. On February 20, 2021 Shmurda got granted the conditional release and was greeted with the warmest welcome of various performers.

    After a few months, Shmurda dropped his first single, “No Time for Sleep (Freestyle).” It was preceded by records such as “Cartier Lens” and the Quavo and Rowdy the Rebel-assisted “Shmoney.” In 2022, he debuted Bodboy, his first album. Bodboy, which was a collection of nine songs that featured notable tracks like “Whole Brick,” “Hoochie Daddy,” and “On God,” among other tracks.

    In order to give viewers an overview, REVOLT compiled a list of nine interesting facts that you learned about Bobby Shmurda from his “Drink Champs” episode. Take a look below, and then watch the entire show below..

    1. Pay-to-play is destroying the hip hop genre on New York radio

    In the beginning of the discussion, N.O.R.E. and Shmurda talked about how hip-hop radio stations aren’t in contact with the New York sound DJs who require cash to play music and other pay-to-play options as the reason. “We’re going to come back. Every when we attempt to make some wrong and get it all back, we’ll get back. Therefore, there will be a new sound within the next couple of years,” Shmurda stated. “Some DJs, they’re getting paid to play s**t. If they’re getting paid to play s**t, it’s like, ‘You won’t be f**king up my money.'”

    2. Record labels using his connection in Rowdy The Rebel against Rowdy

    Together with Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel joined Epic Records in 2014 and although that “Bobby B**ch” MC departed in February but his frequent collaborator stayed with Epic Records. When discussing their friendship, Shmurda reveals Epic wouldn’t let him go without Rebel as a way to keep the label’s roster.

    Shmurda said, “Industry people try to take us apart already. Even after I left. In order to convince me to sign a new contract or keep me with the company there was a amount of s**t being played. They said to Rowdy that they wouldn’t keepthe] Rowdy unless Bobby stays. This was until a point that we’re all in this s**t labeled s**t and I was forced to stay, because we were brought together. When I returned home, I went the chance to… what.”

    3. After signing a brief contract for management with Roc Nation and talking to JAY-Z

    When he was recording his first fully-length record, Bodboy, and working on his next album, Shmurda signed a management contract in the form of Roc Nation in the late 2021. After a string of requests on social media for assistance the rapper has decided to no longer associated with Roc Nation nor Epic Records as of early this year. In his interview with N.O.R.E. as well as DJ EFN, Shmurda reveals what it was like working for the management company , and how he got off.

    “I’m no anymore associated with Roc Nation. I gained a lot from Roc Nation, and Epic in the same time. When I returned home, I was playing Epic as well as Roc Nation at the same time, and I gained a lot of knowledge about people. I learned about what not to do and what to do when to speak, and when to put the f**k down,” Shmurda shared. “I was in a few conversations with Hov. The last time I spoke with Hov I think I was bringing up some issues to Hov. Hov said, “Listen to me, man. Stop your s**tand don’t get up.'”

    4. In a plea bargain to cut Rowdy Rebel’s sentence in jail

    Shmurda notoriously signed an arrangement with the prosecutor to spend longer in jail as a condition of a less severe time sentence in the case of Rowdy Rebel. It was initially decided that Rowdy was to receive 12 years in prison, but it was changed to six years. If asked to comment on the plea Shmurda said that he was not interested in the music industry or meeting famous people thus serving the extra years wasn’t an issue. “All that rap s**t is in second. Everyone knows that rap is sh*t is s**t. I did not even bother to think about it. I don’t care about celebrities , or any other s**t that comes with it,” he said.

    5. On people who don’t understand his post-prison manner of speaking

    Since his release from prison on the 15th of July in 2021 Shmurda was evident that he’s seeking to return to his previous life, be it his refusal to create drill music or dance continuously and twirling around, something that his fans have criticised. When asked about how his fans and their friends are feeling about the new direction he’s taking Shmurda stated that people don’t comprehend what it’s like be in his situation. “A majority people don’t like the new direction. Some people might appreciate it, and some are going to admire it. There are some who don’t get it and that’s what we’re here to do to get people think, ‘What are you doing Bobby?’ comprehend. If you’ve never experienced the same situation then you won’t be able to comprehend,” he shared.

    6. On GS9 and also launching his own label in the coming year

    The GS9 are an ensemble of hip-hop artists which was formed in 2012, which consists from Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel, Fetty Luciano, and Corey Finesse. The group has an independently-owned record label which released music through a partnership that was formed with Epic Records until Shmurda’s 2022 removal in 2022. The rapper spoke about the meaning of the name and plans to launch an entirely new record label in the coming year.

    “It’s an ethnic group. It was a group of brothers that transformed into an independent record label. We started by making music, and every group has to have to have a name. We decided to come to the name God Sons 90s,” the singer said. “I’m going to change my label. In the coming year, I’ll be launching the new label: Hot Nation. That’s spicy, right? I can’t say Hot N***a Records.”

    7. In Meek Mill flying him out to the strip bar was when he recognized that he had made it

    Meek Mill was among the first artists to sign a co-signing agreement with Shmurda and when he performed on stage at King of Diamonds in Miami the rapper took the rapper to the stage to perform during 2014. In the following interview Meek Mill Brooklyn native recalled when he first realised his fame, reminiscing about the time Meek Mill was the Dreams as well as the Nightmares rapper took to meet him.

    “When Meek flew me out to the stripclub, July 4, and the s**t. He took me at the strip bar. It was my first time at the strip club KOD. July 4 2014, I was signed within the next two weeks. I just returned to home.” In response to the question whether Meek wanted to sign Shmurda, Shmurda replied, “No I don’t know. Ross attempted to sign my name. A few people were trying to get me signed. Meek, he invited me to a out with him. He gave me some money and the s**t.”

    8. After losing $400,000 to travel in Australia due to his conviction for a felony

    The month of September was when Shmurda made a public announcement of “The Bodmon Tour” along with backing artists Rowdy Rebel GS9 Gino, and LouGotCash. It included performances at Texas, Florida, and Georgia Shmurda was prohibited from performing in other countries due to his current probation and conviction as a felon. As per the young superstar the singer, he was denied the sum of $400,000 to perform in Australia.

    “I tried to get Australia during my tour. I was offered 400 f**king dollars bro. An offer of 400 f**king k however, I’m not able to go due to the fact that Australia does not allow felons. This is the scenario when you’re caught,” Shmurda stated.

    9. Why he decided to conduct the first interview post-prison Maino

    In the midst of serving the full seven years of his sentence Shmurda met with Maino on the “Kitchen Talk” podcast for his first interview following the release. The reason he chose to talk with Maino on the podcast “Hi Hater” rapper over other publications stems from their relationship prior to when Shmurda even began to make music. At the end of the conversation, he outlined how he came across Maino and the reason Maino was his first choice when he got out of prison. “I was forced to. I’ve known Maino from the time I turned 12 years old, about the year ’06. He saw me as a child, when I was just a bad-boy n***a.” Maino shared.

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