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    Brazilian Beauty Products – Complete Guide to Brazilian Wax


    Brazilian waxing was one of the most popular beauty trends that emerged in the early aughts. The J Sisters, seven Brazilian beauty entrepreneurs whose names start with the letter J—- pioneered hair removal in the USA in the 1990s. No more balancing on one foot on the toilet and the other on the ground, trying to grab every hair in your pubic region with a razor, or dare I say Nair. The latter was my history of hair removal before I finally booked my first Brazilian wax appointment. Will my leg be suspended in the air, like Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City episodes? It was all I was going to find out.

    It was difficult to find the strength to go for a Brazilian wax. For my first big-girl wax, I trekked to the European Wax Center. This is a popular beauty spot for those who want to be hairless from head and toe. A sudden fear surged through my body and I switched my Brazilian appointment for a bikini wax. This made me the laughing stock of the group chat that day. I was unable to go out that way. In an effort to save myself, I switched to Brazilian wax. Christine, my wax specialist was very understanding.

    I was asked to take off my pants and lay down on the red waxing table, with my legs and knees apart. After applying a cleansing solution to my private areas, and then applying a pre-waxoil (“It creates light barriers between the skin and wax”), I watched her stir the wax until it was ready to apply to my skin. As she applied the hot purple wax to my skin, I was sure it was a good idea. I am not a glutton for pain so I winced and shrieked when she removed the first glob of melted wax.

    Brazilian waxing isn’t like waxing your eyebrows, chins and underarms. We devised a system to make it easier to endure the pain of waxing. Inhale the wax as it is applied to the skin and exhale when it is time to go. Christine applied European Wax Center’s Smooth Me Ingrown Hair Cream to soothe the skin. Although it felt like a lifetime of pain, the session was only 20 minutes long. I wouldn’t lie if I said that I wouldn’t return. I had already booked my next appointment.

    Here are the essentials for anyone who is a newbie to Brazilian waxing.

    What exactly is a Brazilian wax?

    A bikini wax removes hair from the top and sides of the bikini line. Then there is a Brazilian which leaves your entire pubic region bare Brazilian wax is used to remove all hair from your bikini (top, sides and front ) and the hard-to reach areas in the back. All hair is fine. You have the option to leave a “landing strip”, or a triangle.

    Is it worth it?

    It is a painful experience to remove hairs from follicles. Christine stated that the good news is that if you wax consistently, the hairs will learn to come out at the exact same time and can then grow in together. The first time is the hardest, especially if you have been shaving. But once your hair structure changes due to waxing, it becomes much easier and less painful.

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    Which is better: Hot wax, or strip wax?

    Strip wax sticks to the top layer of skin and hair. Christie explained that strip wax can also take the top layer of the skin, making it so painful. This causes irritation, redness, swelling and irritation. The hard wax we use only sticks to hair so it’s gentler for sensitive skin.

    How do you prepare for a Brazilian wax?

    Before you arrive, take an ibuprofen. I didn’t, and felt every tear! Christine suggested that you wear loose-fitting clothing. I didn’t. “Also, it’s better to bring a new pair underwear than re-wear the one you have been wearing for so long. You shouldn’t shave, even though you might be tempted to. “When shaving, your hair is cut to different levels which makes it more difficult for the wax to grip. Christine said that if you only shave once after applying a wax, it is like starting over. It takes three to four weeks for hair to grow after a wax.

    To reduce the pain of hair removal, you can also take ibuprofen.

    Are you able to wax your period?

    Your skin might be super sensitive at this time but you can still wax during your period. Christine explains that as long as you have a tampon in, your skin will be extremely sensitive. This is because your blood flow is higher to this area.

    What is the life expectancy of a wax?

    Your hair will start growing back in three to four weeks. This can vary depending on how long you live. Christine suggests that you allow your hair to grow as short as a rice grain before making an appointment.

    What can you do to prevent ingrown hairs from happening after applying a new wax?

    Exfoliating every other day is important because dead skin can get stuck in the hair follicles, preventing hair growth. She explained that this is how ingrown-hairs form. Avoid sweaty activities, sun exposure and public pools.

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