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    Can You Brush Your Teeth With Toothpaste While Fasting?


    A frequent question asked by many Muslims Can you wash your teeth with an oral cleanser while fasting in Ramadan? The holy Month of Ramadan? This is fact it is the truth the fact that Islam is an Islamic religion that is mindful of cleanliness, dignity, as well as the appearance and smell of its adherents. Muslims are advised to dress clean and tidy. They are advised to maintain their mouths clean with toothbrushes or miswak

    It was reported by the prophet that the Prophet (peace be upon his name) was reported to have his teeth cleaned frequently throughout the day, even while fasting. He also advised his followers to use Miswak (chewing sticks) to clean their teeth and also during fasting.The famous dentist Zakir Naik said this regarding the specific question regarding the practice of brushing your teeth using toothpaste during Ramadan

    What Is A Better Alternative To Using A Toothpaste

    It’s not legal to use toothpaste while brushing, but should one wish to avoid using it, the most effective alternative is to opt for a Miswak (chewing sticks)

    What Happens When You Mistakenly Swallow The Toothpaste While Brushing?

    If one is careful and cleans his teeth, and through his own lack of awareness, some traces get to the stomach, he’s not guilty of sin because Allah accepts the errors of Muslims that are unintentionally made “and There isn’t a crime to you for the errors that you commit unintentionally. “(Al-Ahzab 33: 5)

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