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    Cardi B’s infamous closing rant brought up some important points


    Cardi B offers her thoughts on the current partial federal shutdown and she’s not letting it go. The rapper, who was born in Bronx, posted the video on Instagram on Wednesday evening, in which he addressed the government shutdown, which is now at 27 days and also blasted the president Donald Trump for refusing to pay for the government over the “fucking wall.”

    “This shit is crazy,” she declared in the video that was profanity-laced. “Like we are an absolute hellhole at the moment with a huge blocking wall. We must be serious about this.”

    She noted that the shutdown has gone for over three weeks, and she said that federal employees were made to work for no pay.

    “Now I do not want to hear you mommies talking about the fact that oh the fact that Obama stopped the federal government from 17 days. It’s a bit of a bummer, but for health insurance,” she said. “So your grandma could check her blood pressure and you bitches could go check your pussy in the gynecologist with no motherfucking problem.”

    Cardi B her actual name was Belcalis Almanzar later added, “I feel like we must take action. I’m not sure what kind of action to take, as this isn’t what I do, but hey I’m terrified. It’s crazy. I feel really bad for the people who must be working for a living in order to not be paid a penny.”

    The video, shared to the singer’s 40 million followers, swiftly became viral. On Thursday morning the video had garnered greater than 9.4 million hits.

    It certainly created excitement on Twitter and among legislators who are in Washington, DC. Sens. Brian Schatz (D-HI) and Chris Murphy (D-CT) discussed whether they’d retweet the video. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer weighed in on the issue.

    “Guys I’m still in a state of anxiety. Are you going to RT Cardi B?” Schumer tweeted.

    It’s not the first time that Cardi B has expressed her opinions in the realm of politics. According to Antonia Noori Farzan from The Washington Post notes, she’s also previously spoken out about issues like the United Nations’ role in Libya as well as US laws regarding guns.

    “I am a huge fan of political science. I am a huge fan of government. I’m obsessed by presidents. I’m obsessed with understanding what the system is,” she stated in a 2018 interview to the magazine GQ.

    The same interview she claimed that she is a commentator on global events because she’s truly fascinated.

    “Me, I’m always watching the news,” she stated. “I’m constantly checking it on my smartphone. I am not a fan of talking about what’s happening in the community. People assume that, since you’re famous, you’re are doing this to gain prestige. However, you aren’t concerned because you’re a citizen of America as well as an international citizen. If I want to earn awesome points I can snap a photo with a thong on my abs, and you’ll provide me with the exact number of likes. I’m going to be trending even more.”

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