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    Characteristics, Typical Features and Advantages of Digital Media


    Today, I was scrolling through my Instagram explore page when I came across this hilarious image and I wanted to share it with you. In my last post , there was a major shift between traditional and digital media in the past few years. The web has been growing exponentially which makes it nearly impossible to go about your day without engaging with them. Do we not go through our email or log into our Facebook accounts regularly? However, as digital media has become an integral part of our lives, are we aware of the extent of it and the a variety of benefits it can offer.Which is the reason I have am putting together a list of the most significant aspects that define digital media:

    In the first place, you must know that contrary to what some people believe that digital media isn’t an equivalent of the Internet. In case you didn’t already know Here are a few examples of the many kinds of formats digital media may take

    “Digital Newspaper” (digital variant of traditional newspaper) can be read on any digital device.

    * Interactive Television Television that users is able to interact with to adapt to his or her needs for viewing

    * Electronic music(music in digital format) that is easily downloaded from the internet

    * Video Games as a type of digital entertainment

    The photos below demonstrate the growing the use of digital media in our daily lives:

    Maintenance and storage Massive amounts of data could be kept in a compact space with no danger of destruction. For instance, in the past, images were printed on paper. It had some drawbacks regarding storage and security. The large amount of printed images can quickly take up a lot of space. There is also the possibility of photos being damaged by various factors such as weather , and even time. Technology has helped make these issues obsolete since photos stored on any digital storage device won’t simply become sloppy or fade away.

    Multimodal communication when communicating, the majority of people choose to make use of blogs, websites and social media.
    In addition, users of digital media view, read and listen to the content, they are able to also interact with it via the use of voice, text or touching. Two-way communications allow digital media for communication to be smooth and natural. When you text someone, you can send an audio message, contact, an address, a link to a hilarious video you’ve just seen or an image of a hilarious meme. It’s all feasible!

    Social media Social media platforms have specifically and fundamentally altered the way of how we show ourselves, interact and connect with one another. As we are all aware, they are extremely popular for digital media users.

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