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    Cheshire Police to roll out facial recognition technology 2022


    Cheshire Police to roll out facial recognition technology

    The police in Cheshire will be making use of facial recognition to identify offenders.

    The technology will be utilized retroactively to evaluate images, such as CCTV against the images in the police database national.

    It is also used to verify a person’s identity in the event that officers suspect the information provided is false or the identification is not given.

    The Assistant Chief Constable Matt Welsted said it will assist in modernizing the force.

    He claimed that the technology was “the latest capability that is provided to officers to improve our response in achieving justice more efficiently”.

    The Force has confirmed that although retrospective facial recognition as well as operator-initiated facial recognition are being employed, there are no plans to implement real-time facial recognition for Cheshire.

    In a test, officers working in the crime and roads unit have access to the app which is set to roll out to other parts of the police force.

    The tool can be utilized if someone cannot give their information due to being unconscious or seriously injured, or impaired due to drinking or other drugs.

    Anybody who doesn’t have an image in the database of police officers isn’t able to be identified by the system, Cheshire Police said.

    Cheshire Police

    Note that this information was sourced by the Cheshire Police website.

    For Non-Emergency Dial 101
    In the event of an Emergency always call 999.

    Always dial 999 for an emergency. Call handlers at 999 work to respond to all messages within 10 minutes. Call 999 if:

    • There is a risk to our lives
    • The use of violence or threats to commit it is often used
    • A major offense (violent criminal/burglary) is underway or is likely to happen
    • A suspect in an serious crime is in close proximity
    • the road is involved in a collision that results in the risk of injury to someone else or other road users
    • a vulnerable person needs urgent attention


    If you have a non-urgent call, dial 101. If you are calling 999 for general inquiries, it can delay responding to someone who requires urgent assistance. Calls that are not urgent include:

    • You’re looking to make a report of a crime or damage that was not taking place at the time you phone call
    • You’re looking to file a minor traffic accident
    • You should contact the police officer in your area.
    • You would like to inquire about missing property or provide details to police
    • Need advice or information?

    Cheshire Constabulary was founded in 1857, and is responsible for a total population of over a million located across a geographical area of 919 sq miles. Cheshire is a vast area of diversification, ranging from large countrysides to regions with extensive heavy industry, as well as urban areas, including Chester as well as Warrington with their vibrant retail, commercial and leisure amenities.

    Cheshire is a location in which areas of wealth contrast with regions that are among the most deficient 10% of places in the nation. The county also is the home of 53,000 students between 16 to 74. The University of Chester and Manchester Metropolitan University have campuses of major importance in the county.

    Cheshire has boundaries with two metropolitan regions; Manchester and Liverpool and the international airports that service both cities are located in of close distance. Over 200 miles motorways as well as railway tracks such as the West Coast Mainline railways run through the county.

    About us

    The Drums and Band from the Cheshire Constabulary is proud of representing Cheshire Police with musical performances across Cheshire and the UK and further. The police have had a group in Cheshire for more than 60 years, and we still manage to impress and entertain with our concerts and arena shows.

    The drums and band are just as popular and increasing demand for our services surpassing our available capacity.

    The band is mostly one of the concert bands with a wide and exciting selection of repertoire. We perform a wide assortment of events including full-length concert, civic functions parades, and other events, and “small band” engagements at schools and community centers.

    In 2009, the band tried to get grading again in into the North West Area qualification contests. Since 2010 , the band has risen from being unclassified to the first section of”banding “banding gradings”. But, contests aren’t the focus of the band and we are only entered into one contest every year. We are currently in the in the third section.

    Then, led by the Corps of Drums we also take on marches along with “tattoo” style arena performances dressed in traditional police uniforms. Our impressive and smart Corps of Drums undertake engagements separately and with the band.

    The band is comprised of people from all walks of life not just police officers and the other musicians. All of them offer their time and talents at no cost.

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