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    Chicago real estate agent who dismissed from her job after Capitol protests issuing a lawsuit for damages MSNBC report


    The Chicago real estate agent who was dismissed from @properties because of her connections to breaches at the U.S. Capitol breach in January has filed a lawsuit in connection to an MSNBC report that claims the network mislead viewers about whether she was not charged with criminal charges according to court documents.

    The January. 6 Capitol protests caused disruption to the Electoral College vote count in Congress and resulted in criminal charges being filed by federal courts to a number of people which included at least 6 Illinoisans. Libby McCarten Andrews isn’t one of the defendants, according to court records.

    Andrews has been reported to have posted a photo of her in a position in the Capitol steps with the supporters of the former president Donald Trump along with the caption “History! The work isn’t over yet! ” In a different blog post, she wrote “After having a flurry of capitalists, the city, a drink of Champagne is required! “

    In a lawsuit which was filed with an judge of the federal court who is located in Chicago within Chicago in the United States against NBC Universal Media LLC, Andrews claims her photo and name did not appear correctly in an image that was broadcast in January. The show was titled “Weekends with Alex Witt” which was entitled “Charged in Connection with Riot. “

    A NBCUniversal representative could not immediately contact NBCUniversal for an immediate response. The same lawyer was not available to speak with Andrews.

    In the suit, Andrews attorneys wrote in the complaint that Andrews left Chicago in the early morning prior to the 6th of January. 6 to fly for Washington and arrived late in the afternoon. When she was at her destination, she arrived around 12:30 p.m. Andrews was part of a huge crowd that gathering on the east side of the Capitol according to the report.

    In the complaint Andrews wasn’t involved in any conflicts or visit the Capitol or take part in any destruction or damage , and didn’t threaten anybody, or access property owned by the public. The complaint states that she left the Capitol at about 3.15 p.m. at which point she took a walk to the hotel which she had booked reservations the night before.

    Andrews lawyers wrote that NBCUniversal issued “its fake and defamatory allegations against Andrews in order to promote its own political agenda .” Andrews attorneys wrote that anyone in the Capitol on the 6th of January 2021, was there to engage in violence and do criminal harm. “

    About Libby Andrews

    Libby is able to help her clients achieve their goals and achieve the most profit for their investment. Libby has managed and owned properties in the Chicagoland region for over 25 years and has always earned an income from individual and investment properties. In the urban region she has lived in and rented out the lakefront and high-rise homes. Professionally, as an entrepreneur, Libby has invented new products that she launched and developed brands for consumers. The knowledge she gained from her entrepreneurial journey has helped her develop the capabilities she employs to assist clients. They include creative problem solving determination and energy to analyze financial data and social media marketing expertise as well as negotiation skills that can deliver the results that they want to see.
    Others affiliations as well as fascinating details:
    Chicago Association REALTORS(r)
    MBA, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
    Service Club of Chicago Member,
    Mid-America Club
    Social Media Marketing Certification from DePaul Kellstadt Graduate School of Business
    Parent of 3,
    The negotiations were on Shark Tank Invented Yoga and Fitness Products that created the globally well-known name Stick-e(r)
    invented the shoe inserts that safe Heels(r) and Bumpers for the Foot. Bumpers(r)

    Contact me for assistance you in finding the ideal Chicago house or property investment that will meet your needs to live in and ensure you the best value for your investment in time, energy as well as funds. Libby Andrews

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