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    How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape


    Your facial structure and shape tend to dictate a lot of fashion do’s and don’ts especially when it comes to makeup and accessories, and sunglasses are no different. You either have a round, oblong, square, heart, or diamond-shaped face, and each of these faces shapes has its unique defining characteristics and features.

    If you are looking to buy sunglasses that suit your face shape the best, look no further, as given below is a comprehensive guide about helping you choose the most flattering shape of sunglasses from online retailers like Vision Direct based on your facial structure:

    1.    Square shaped faces

    Square-shaped faces are typically categorized by bold and angular features where a clean line can be mapped from the forehead to the jaw. In terms of proportion, square-shaped faces have a wide jaw and forehead. Due to this width, people with square-shaped faces should opt for sunglasses that sit high on their noses which would add the much-needed length to their face. To soften their angular features, square-shaped faces should opt for rimless sunglasses and glasses with rounded edges such as cat eye sunglasses and aviators.

    2.    Round shaped faces

    Round-shaped faces are characterized by soft curves in the facial structure, with fuller cheeks and a rounded chin. People with a round face have the width of their face typically the same as their jaw. While it is difficult to understand other face shapes, a round-shaped face is easier to identify. People with round faces should opt for rectangular frames that make their faces appear thin and long and use angular sunglasses to sharpen their features. The bottom of the sunglasses you choose or select should be just above the cheekbones.

    3.    Heart shaped faces

    Heart-shaped faces are characterized as having a wide forehead and a narrow chin. Such people often have high cheekbones, and heart-shaped faces are quite possibly the most versatile face shapes ever. Winged-out frames and sunglasses that are slightly wider than their forehead are great for people with heart-shaped faces. Such individuals should opt for glasses that are rounded at the bottom, and set low on their temple. Wayfarers, aviators, and cat eye sunglasses work the best for these face shapes.

    4.    Diamond shaped faces

    Diamond-shaped faces have narrow foreheads and angled jaws and highly defined cheekbones. When choosing sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces, the key is to balance their face shape by choosing rimless and oval frames. Their frames should be bolder or stronger towards the top, and softer towards the bottom. Horn-rim and cat-eye sunglasses are the most suitable for this face shape.

    5.    Triangle shaped faces

    Triangle-shaped faces essentially have a narrow forehead and a wide jawline. Triangle-shaped faces are possibly the most difficult to style when it comes to sunglasses, but by understanding what works for your face and what does not, one would be able to do so in no time. Glasses for triangle-shaped faces should be bolder on the top and lighter on the bottom. This would help balance their face shape and offer much-needed contrast.

    6.    Oval shaped faces

    Oval-shaped faces are the most universal face shapes when it comes to sunglasses as almost every type of sunglasses sits right on them. They are characterized by round jawlines, high cheekbones, and tall foreheads, and can use any type of sunglasses they want to. Geometric, round, cat eye, and rectangular frames alike suit oval-shaped faces. Oval-shaped faces quite possibly win the lottery when it comes to buying and choosing sunglasses as every shape would suit their face shape.


    Irrespective of your facial structure and shape, there exist sunglasses that will flatter your unique features. The above-mentioned guide for sunglasses is a comprehensive one that will help you easily choose sunglasses for your face shape.

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