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    Create a Job Winning Landscaping Resume


    A landscaper is a person which helps to maintain and make our gardens or landscape aesthetically appealing. He possesses the qualities to take care of parking lots, gardens and other grounds. He makes landscape designs and puts those plants and trees in the landscape which will be pleasing to the eye. Creating a perfect resume for a landscaping job is quite a task. It is very important that how you showcase your skills and talents to get a landscaping job. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out in this regard.

    Sections in Landscaping Resume

    When creating a landscaping resume, it is important to design your resume having proper sections to provide your skills and talents. A well-organized resume can win you your desired job. Here are the important sections to provide your personal ansd professional information.

    • The Header
    • Personal Information
    • Profile Title
    • Summary/objective
    • Landscaper fundamental Skills
    • Work experience as a landscaper
    • Qualification
    • Certifications
    • Further Information
    • At the top of the resume give personal details which include contact number, E-Mail, mailing address.
    • Language should be easy to read, yet appealing.
    • After creating an effective resume always remember to save it as PDF or in word.
    • Give comprehensive introduction to your skills, work experiences and abilities to work with plants.
    • Use precise landscaping resume template to be critical and logical.

    Landscaping Resume Template

    To stand out first and be prominent among piles of landscaping resume is also quite a task. You should design your resume, using bullets and highlights to showcase your working experience, tools you have been working with and skills you are possessing as a landscaper. For this purpose a well-structured template can be helpful. Resume template is the key feature to get you recruiters eye. Through resume template you make them Believe that you are the one they are looking for landscapers’ job.

    Formatting for Landscaper Job

    • Reverse chronological order in which you provide your recent information first can be the best way to format a landscaping resume.
    • First of all you have to provide your educational information. In which you mention your latest degree, year of completion and GPA, if you have off course an outstanding GPA.
    • You can also mention your most recent jobs and work experiences first.

    Professional Summary or Objective

    • At the start of your landscaping resume right after the personal; details, here comes a paragraph consists of 3 to 4 sentences. In which you briefly describe your abilities and talents for the hiring agent. In which you pitch the recruiter why they should hire you and give you a chance as a  landscaper in their organization.
    • A professional summary is best suited for individuals with two years or more experience in the landscaping job such as providing proper upkeep of planted trees and rock gardens. However, if you are just beginning your landscaping career, you should adopt the career objective format.

    Work Experience Section

    In the field of landscaping the recruiters need a well-experienced, skillful and independent landscaper. To fulfil these requirements you should mention your work experience and landscaping skills for resume in such a way that will appeal the hiring agent. In this section you should mention your experience with different tools for example electric clippers, chain saws, electric clippers, twin-axle vehicles, gardening tools.

    • Use reverse chronological order to show case your work experience.
    • Mention the most recent job first along with the company name, years of employment and job title.
    • Mention your skills precisely for example abilities to work with special gardening tools.

    Education Section for Landscaping Resume

    The qualifications on a landscaping resume should also follow chronological order in which you mention your recent degree first then mention all the academic achievements in reverse order along with years of education till high school diploma. Some of the vital sections to include in your sample resume are:

    • Name of institutions of education
    • High school certificate
    • Years of education
    • Graduation grades with years
    • GPA
    • The landscaping course you attended
    • Academic awards
    • National certifications

    Skills Section

    A recruiter requires an energetic employer with high skills of landscaping. It is very important to mention the relevant skills. When you are designing your landscaping resume make sure to highlight those skills which are required by the recruiters. Briefly evaluate the work description section if you want to design a job winning resume. Some of the most viable landscaping skills are:

    • Operating irrigation systems and plant substantial
    • Know how to operate and manage automatic sprayers and repairing equipment.
    • Know how to operate and manage company’s’ vehicles.
    • Landscape maintenance and parking lots
    • Create aesthetically appealing lawns and garden
    • Lawn care and operate lawn mowers
    • Take care of plants and grass cover
    • How to Manage drainage system
    • Aqua scaping
    • Horticultural services
    • Hardscaping
    • Landscaping machinery expertise
    • Association skills

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