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    Crypto Heirloom weapons are decorative , replace a Legend’s kick and punch


    As with each Apex Legends collection event prior to it, the latest Warriors event is a unique collection of legendary cosmetics. After two years of waiting, Crypto players can spend shreds to acquire the set that is the character’s heirloom. The set includes an heirloom set that includes the “No Escape” banner pose and the “I Will Find You” intro quip, and the most important the Biwon Blade melee weapon that is an heirloom. This brings the total number of Legends with heirlooms up to 13 of Apex Legends twenty total.

    Heirloom weapons are decorative items that replace a Legend’s kick and punch animations with something different. Octane is equipped with a butterfly blade, Revenant is equipped with his Dead Man’s Curve scythe and, now, Crypto is equipped with Biwon Blade. Biwon Blade. They don’t increase the range of a Legend’s melee and can cause more damage or give players any advantage over other. They’re just cosmetic items that, due to the animation, design and sound teams at Respawn Entertainment, look cool to play with.

    The Biwon Blade Is An Extension Of Crypto’s Character

    Its Biwon Blade is unique for many reasons. From a first-person viewpoint the weapon has seven draw animations in idle mode of the device (the highest number for any Legend) and three draw animations while racing. There are several inspection animations for Biwon Blade.

    Biwon Blade, the majority of which show him in interaction with his drone Hack. One animation shows the two of them playing an online game of hacking swords as well as another with the two doing a secret fist bump. Another video shows Cyber-charging the Blade like the character during Masters of the Universe

    There are a few animations in which Crypto is seen dismantling and furling the Biwon Blade’s various segments, but the most effective is one in which the blade’s secret compartment and shows the photo of and his adopted sister Mila Alexander and his foster mom, Katerina Ticacek “Mystik” Nox.

    In addition to the inspection and draw animations Crypto users with Biwon Blade can also enjoy slides, running, crouch and zipline motions – each of which smoothly into each other. 

    They’re a vast improvement from the earlier heirloom knives such as Octane’s butterfly knife that at the time of release, had no animation frames which made the weapon appear shabby and incomplete. This is a testament to how the amount Respawn Entertainment has upped its game’s animation in the years since Apex Legends released in the year 2019.

    As it is the Biwon Blade is an antique weapon that has the ability to create its own animations for attacks.

     As one are used to, Crypto slashes and stabs his adversaries with satisfying swooshes and swishes that announce each attack. Some of the heirlooms from the past had hidden animations and Crypto’s is the same. When a player attacks using his Biwon Blade, there’s an opportunity that Crypto will strike with the Rubik’s Cube within his left arm. Another secret animation sees Crypto repurpose his Hack drone to make it an assault weapon, which players can witness Crypto performing when he is in the banner frame, finishing sequences or emotes in numerous Apex Legends trailers.

    The last, but definitely not the least in first-person animated films is the addition of a hidden animation for breaking down doors as well as engaging using survey beacons. When attempting to knock down an entrance, Crypto could summon Hack to knock the door down for the player. 

    The original animation that interacts with beacons that survey you shows that, instead of putting into a hacking device, like others in Legends, Crypto players with the Biwon Blade make use of this weapon to look for beacons. 

    Although it’s still faster and more secure to utilize a drone however, the inclusion of an animation which communicates to the universe in Apex Legends (apart from destructing the drone) could mean that future generations will be able to use similar animations.

    Apex Legends’ Crypto is Just as Expressive in Third-Person

    Although the majority of animations of the Biwon Blade are experienced in the first person, players should not be deceived by the way that the Biwon Blade appears from a third-person view. When it is not in use the Biwon Blade is hung from the hip of Crypto as if it were an armed weapon. If the player decides to put their weapons away in order to run quicker, Crypto brandishes the blade while he is in an attack posture. 

    The third-person animations of Crypto’s attack on the ground and in the air are a series of slashes and stabs that visually close the gap between adversaries. Contrary to Gibraltar’s War Club, Caustic’s Death Hammer or Mirage’s Too Much Witt trophy (all of which have the same 3rd-person animations that are featured on Bloodhound’s Raven’s Bite axe), Crypto’s animations are distinctive and show the character’s skill in the use of swords.

    If Crypto players manage to get their hands on the heirloom fragments, they’ll definitely not regret investing in the Crypto Biwon Blade. Its unique third-person and first-person animations, along with seamless transitions and references to Crypto’s tale makes it one of Apex Legends‘ most treasured heirlooms.


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