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    Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones claimed that a woman who claimed that she was his daughter attempted to intimidate him prior to declaring paternity and her lawyer was furious with the man, calling it’sad and disgusting.’

    Jones, who is 79, was accused Alexandra Davis, 25, of trying to make an agreement before the filing of her paternity claim according to court filings that were released on Monday and viewed by

    The Cowboys owner stated that Davis his team handed him the lawsuit before he filed the suit and promised to not reveal publicly or in private the identity of the billionaire if he made the amount she asked for. He further said Davis has filed a suit for damages after Davis refused the request to pay her, and that the NFL was facing’monetary threats to extort.’

    “She isn’t qualified to receive the remedy she seeks and the Court has no jurisdiction to give it according to court documents that were released on Tuesday, at Jones’s request.

    Davis isn’t having ever asked Jones for money her lawyer told her it was “sad” that he could harm his daughter further.’

    It is a shame and a sour note that he’s taken this method to harm the daughter more severely than he hasdone, her lawyer Andrew Bergman, told the Dallas Morning News on Tuesday. “I am challenging the Mr. Jones, or any of his numerous lawyers, marketing and media representatives and crisis management teams or anyone else acting on his behalf, to show even the tiniest bit of truth in any of the claims.’

    Davis was suing Jones in the month of March in the past month, claiming that he had paid her mom, Cynthia Davis Spencer, $375,000 following an affair back in late 1990s which resulted in her mother’s pregnancy in the year 1996.

    The suit asserts that Jones set up two trust funds to benefit Davis who resided in Arkansas in Arkansas, in the state where Davis Spencer was living when she gave her daughter a birth.

    The 3rd of March, in her motion, Davis asked the Dallas County court to decide that Jones’s contract that she signed with her mother’s consent was invalid in Texas and also to verify that the man is in fact her father.

    Jones whom has been married for nearly 60 years, his wife Eugenia for more than 60 years. He hasn’t either confirmed or denied Davis’ claims. The lawyers representing the father of three did not mention the claim in the motion filed on Monday however they did state for the matter to be transferred to family court, rather than civil court because of the claims of her parents.

    On Monday, during the owners’ meeting of the league at Palm Beach, Florida, The reporter was informed that it’s a “personal” issue.’

    He didhowever make reference to other allegations of the club, like allegations that Cowboys payed $2.4 millions to four female cheerleaders that claimed the team’s long-time public relations director Rich Dalrymple of taking naked photographs of them as they changed into new clothes in the year 2015.

    Dalrymple who resigned in the month of October, was privately accused of taking photos of his daughter Charlotte according to a report in February by ESPN. Dalrymple has denied any wrongdoing.

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