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    Danny Duncan Reacts to “The Truth About Danny Duncan”


    YouTube’s YouTube bigwig Danny Duncan has published an official response to former employee and fellow creator Aaron “SunhatKid” Hall who has accused Duncan of numerous instances of physical assault.

    On the 3rd of December, Hall released a video that accused Danny Duncan — an infamous YouTube faker with more than 6 million users (more than 6 million) — physical violence.

    In the video Hall said that Duncan repeatedly hit his head repeatedly and pressured him into signing the contract, which allegedly prohibited the collaboration with other influencers. Hall even claimed the Duncan had threatened Hall with the use of a knife.On the 7th of December Duncan made an official statement in response video to the accusations which began with a recording conversation with Hall who was said to be “unhappy” with not being included in Duncan’s videos.

    Danny Duncan denies abuse allegations from SunhatKid

    Duncan was then quick to respond to Hall’s accusations in the video Duncan then claimed that he had not compelled the YouTuber to unfollow any person on social media. Duncan claimed that the head-punching and wrestling fight was just an unintentional “joke,” citing multiple incidents of recorded roughhousing between colleagues.The Truth About Danny Duncan

    Duncan claimed that Duncan and Hall have had three conversations concerning his worries prior the release of his video. He also said that none of the alleged violence had been discussed in the discussions. However, Duncan claimed that Aaron was feeling “ripped off” by his contract.

    SunhatKid responds to Danny Duncan response video

    Influencer JiDion was later contacted by fellow influencer JiDion Aaron Hall during a live stream to discuss Duncan’s video. Hall repeatedly denied Duncan of deceiving himself and claimed that he had not made the accusation video to increase traffic to his YouTube channel.The Truth About Danny Duncan.

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