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    Ella-loren : Parents Tika Sumpter and Nick James


    Tika Sumpter Welcomes Daughter Ella-Loren

    Sumpter 36 pregnant with her first baby, waited until August before making her pregnancy to the world because of reasons she stated in an interview with The Fit Pregnancy and Baby‘sOctober magazine.Ella-loren : Parents Tika Sumpter and Nick James

    My first child and I wanted to enjoy each moment only for myself and be able to enjoy it without everyone else sharing it with me, added Sumpter, who was recently seen in the role of Michelle Robinson (later Obama) in the movie summer’s Southside with You..

    I was not keen at all to hear”Who’s dad? Do you have contact with your father? ” she said, and she also mentioned in an interview that she was with an ex-boyfriend, who was Ella-Loren’s father.

    “Social media can be harsh, and I’m a mama bear, protective of my family,” she stated. “So this is why I put off telling people and even some of my acquaintances. “

    During the interview in the interview, Sumpter acknowledged that he had during the interview that he had a “dream birth” plan -however it was evident that his plans could alter quickly.

    I’d probably have a contraction after which my child would pop to me along with Bach on the radio and my boyfriend would hold my hand, and my doula would rub my back she added. In the real world I’m aware that things could be different. “

    A mantra she uses indicates she’s totally ready to become mother.

    “Plans are just plans,” Sumpter stated. “I am aware that anything can change.

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    Ella Loren was born on 8 October. October, 2016. It was not long before she changed into the little me that her mommy has always wanted to be!

    Parents Tika Sumpter and Nick James had initially kept the pregnancy secret (they didn’t reveal the pregnancy for seven months) the couple began to show their appreciation to parents across the world after they realized how difficult parenting is.

    Four years on, Tika and Nick continue to enjoy time with their daughter. They frequently share adorable photos of their family on their social media accounts.

    Tika recently shared the image of Ella Loren with her tiny feet in a foot spa , sporting the most gorgeous unicorn eye mask. Clearly.

    She was proud of her mother who wrote

    It seems that Ella was stunned!

    Tika has frequently spoken about her pride over her daughter. Tika also gave fans insight into the way she helps her daughter be attentive and focused.

    “Their brain is so amazing, I’d suggest they communicate with them as if they’re humans since they’re.

    Her entire life has been mysterious to us. We’ve never spoken to her, and have noticed that this has influenced her development a little.

    We’re experiencing the results of this. She is capable of putting emotions in the words”.

    She seems like an intelligent cookie.

    Fiance Nick

    Tika was vocal about the difficulties it can be to take care of Ella Loren- especially when she’s sick!

    Fortunately, she’s had help from husband Nick James, who has been there to assist the woman through.

    Their first encounter was during making Tyler Perry’s Have and Have Nots, and it was evident that there was a direct connection between them.

    The couple kept their secret relationship, but the cat was thrown out of the bag after Nick made a proposal the proposal to Nick…

    The fans were in a frenzy when they discovered Tika Nick as well as Nick were dating and that the host seemed more relaxed talking of her ex-boyfriend.

    “He said “Ella has something she wants to share with you.

    As far as ideas Nick has hit this one out of the out of the park!

    He’s worked with Tika to care for Ella Loren, and it was evident that he was completely enthralled when it comes to being an adult when it came to lockdown.

    “I have an amazing support system. My fiance Nick. He certainly was more patient than me. ! “.

    Working Mum

    While Tika isn’t running after Ella Loren, the actress is busy attending to her work, which includes her critically acclaimed television show The Suga.

    In collaboration and Thai Randolph, the star can deal with all things that affect mothers of color. She encourages her fans to support each other with caring for your children.

    “Black women do not usually have the opportunity to enjoy motherhood with joy This is the reason I set out to create a secure and enjoyable place for mothers of colour today regardless of the stage they’re at. “

    Thailand has been the main co-star. Thai added:

    “Black mothers have substantial purchasing power, but they are under-represented and unrepresented in mainstream press.

    There’s a huge market opportunity. The efforts in the fields of content and commerce that are focused on motherhood are severely lacking in their variety . “

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