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    fake typing on snapchat


    Sending random letters in Snapchat messages, but never sending anything in hopes that your name appears on someone’s phone.

    If your crush isn’t keen to speak to you, it’s possible to make the “fake type” message to send him a signal that you’d like to chat. It could work, or it may work, but it might not… however it’s always worth a try!

    He’ll be left wondering

    If he notices”_______” typing “_______” is writing, …”, the phone is looking at his phone to check what you’re trying to say. Does it simply say hello? Does it request to hang? Does it want to bang? Are you yelling at your pet? He’ll be waiting a few minutes and then realize that you haven’t ever sent any message? He may email to you an “what’s up” text then the mission will be completed.

    Let’s check to see if he responds

    Maybe he’s waiting on you to make that first move? Maybe this is the push you needed to get a conversation started? Maybe he wanted to speak to you later on in your day but instead you changed the date? If he doesn’t respond then act as if you were in a hurry.

    to make you feel like you’re in the right place without ever

    There is no way for a girl to Snapchat her crush, first, even when she wants to chat with him. The most thing you’re able to do is have your name appear on his phone, and feel like you did something. You actually accomplished something in either direction. You either caught his attention or had him speak to you. You got balls, girl.

    to make you feel a bit less pathetic while still being completely miserable

    It’s embarrassing when he smacks you with the phrase “Did you mean to do that?” However, not as much when he asks “Hey, what are you up to?” It’s a bit uncertain what’s going to occur, but you could attribute it to the accident. This isn’t too bad Is it?

    To get your psycho girl fix

    Sometimes, you’re having an unlucky day and would like to chat with your crush. If he’s not talking about you, you think you’re an insane person until he does. When the fake typing does work and you are able to type, the psycho-girl fix is over and you are able to act as a normal woman again.

    Just to do it

    If you are really interested in this particular guy and you’ve already taken him for a selfie time, you can just choose an imitation type. If you type fake several times and he doesn’t respond simply ignore the message and go on with your life. What are you going to lose by being an untrue type? I would like to see every person fakes their crush at least once in their lives just for the fun of seeing what he might say, or if he’ll ever speak to anyone. Best of luck as I would like to think this motivates you to try to impersonate the person you love.

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