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    FIXD Vs. BlueDriver Comparison: Which is the Better Choice?


    If you don’t visit an auto repair shop You can determine the state of your car. This isn’t a joke It is possible to get your car’s diagnostics report right on your smartphone. Car maintenance tools can be awe-inspiring. Fixd , as well as BlueDriver is a device that connects to your car via the OBD2 port. I’ve heard about these two devices from one of my car frick buddies. He suggested I use scanner tools to scan my car.

    Before I purchase, I conduct some research about various types of scanners online. Based on my studies, I discovered Fixd & BlueDriver more attractive than its competition. In this post I will give a comprehensive comparison of Fixd vs. Bluedriver. After reading this comparison, you’ll choose the best tools for the maintenance of your vehicle.

    Fixed in comparison to. BlueDriver Comparative Chart

    Before purchasing a scanner You must be aware of the technical details of the item. The comparison chart for Fixd vs. BlueDriver is below. Take a look.

    Customer Rating4.6/54.1/5
    Product Dimensions2.2” x 1.9” x 1”1.5” x 0.5” x 1.8”
    Item Weight2.08oz0.96oz
    Abs, Airbag CodesYesYes
    Engine, Transmission CodesYesYes
    Car MonitorNoYes
    Money-back Guarantee180 Days90 Days
    Warranty1 Year1 Year
    comparison chart

    FIXD Overview

    Fixd is thought to be an advanced scanning tool. It is a mix of software and devices. The device is used to analyze the health status of your car and in conjunction with the application, it generates the report. In reality, it’s an amalgamation of software and hardware device. Students at Tech developed it in late 2014.

    Once the device makes a note on the condition of your vehicle The application then helps encode it and display the information on screen. This device will provide you with the solution to correct the issue. It can interpret the message that is causing error and then translate it in the correct format.

    Fixd will notify you of the schedule of your car’s maintenance. If you have set the date it will send you an email when the time is. But, Fixd could turn your vehicle into a smart vehicle. It is not necessary to worry about the state of your vehicle. If anything went wrong the car would issue an immediate report.

    Features of Fixd

    Fixd scanning tools have numerous options. The most prominent highlights are discussed below.


    Fixd Scanner comes with the most up-to-date Bluetooth technology. It is compatible to both Android as well as iOS devices. It is only necessary to install the app to be installed on your device. You’ll receive all notifications directly on your phone rather than the screen of your scanner. If you wish to display the notifications on a larger screen it is necessary to use a bigger screen device. The Fixd scanner connects to your phone via Bluetooth quickly.

    The number of vehicles that are covered.

    The Fixd scanner tools can scan the engine systems of your vehicle. It is made to look at your car’s engine specifically. It will identify the reason why your engine light is flashing. It will provide the true issue with your engine’s health via BlueTooth. FIXD Vs. BlueDriver, In addition, it will inform you the way this issue is having an effect on your car health. This Fixd Scanner device will help you resolve car issues.


    The OBD2 scanner can be used with any of OBD2 protocols. Mobile applications are supported by both the Android as well as iOS Operating systems. The application is able to seamlessly work with your smartphone. If the connection to your device was in place for more than a day, you must pay attention.

    The number of vehicles that are that are simultaneously scanned.

    Fixd Scanner is able to connect five vehicles simultaneously. It can be used for all family members’ automobiles simultaneously. It is also possible to track all the cars using your mobile. Due to these tiny feathers in this device, it can be useful for mechanics.

    BlueDriver Overview

    BlueDriver is an OBD2 scanner that uses the most recent technology. The OBD2 scanners can inform you the reason for the malfunctioning dashboard light. It is to be a high-end scanner tool that comes with many options. This is among the most popular scanners that lets you read the health data of your car across all platforms.

    BlueDriver is a modern scanner tool that can be used on any type of vehicle from 1996 until the present models. This scanner tool is inexpensive and easy to use and comes with unique features. Professional engineers have developed this Scanner as a top-quality scanner tool.

    BlueDriver scanners are able to read the error code and provide the necessary direction for fixing your vehicle. This scanner is compatible with both Android as well as Apple devices and offers high performance. FIXD Vs. BlueDriver, The greatest benefit that is unique to BlueDriver is the fact that it can generate your issue and presents the issue in straightforward English to make it easier to comprehend.


    With a variety of sophisticated features, the BlueDriver scanner has a favorable user review. The primary advantages of the scanner are detailed below. Check it out.


    BlueDriver scanning tools use the most recent technology in Bluetooth. The device is wireless and can work with your smartphone via BlueTooth. It is available for every platform like Android and iOS. The feature allows you to view the reports of the health of your car on a the largest screen. It is also easier and more convenient to view the reports of the health of your car whenever you’d like.

    The number of car systems that are covered.

    The device offers the most advanced set of features. It is able to connect to many vehicle systems, including the airbags system, ABS controls, systems for climate control, as well as other functions. It will provide you with a variety of kinds of reports for specific systems within a report. BlueDriver devices are regularly updated and you’ll always stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and features.


    It is a BlueDriver scanner tool is a outstanding compatibility with many automobiles. It’s mostly capable of working with the entire range of OBD2 protocols. This is an ideal option for a variety of vehicles. Like Ford, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, hONDA, Chrysler. This attribute is the reason to the popularity of this gadget among the general public.

    The number of vehicles that were that are simultaneously scanned.

    The BlueDriver scanning tool is able to analyze and interpret reports for a single car at one time. It’s not designed to work with several cars at once.

    FixedD in comparison to. BlueDriver What is the Best Choice?

    The two BlueDriver and Fixd have great features. It can be a bit difficult to pick the best one. Before you purchase scanner tools ensure that you know the requirements you have. Based on your requirements and requirements, you must pick your preferred scanner. Anyone who meets all of your requirements should select the scanner that best meets your needs.

    Before you purchase scanner tools You should take into consideration a variety of aspects. The cost of the scanner and the number of vehicles supported, and a variety of other aspects. If you plan to use the scanner with multiple vehicles then you must choose the Fixd Scanner software. If you’re trying to identify your car using the most modern technology, you need to choose BlueDriver.

    Which one is Better? The answer is dependent on the needs of the user since each of these devices has good quality and long-lasting.

    Final Verdict

    Utilizing Car Diagnostic tools in your vehicle isn’t an issue of high-end. It’s now an integral part of your vehicle. Since you must know all the technical information about the car while it’s operating it acts as a security device to protect your car from the pitfalls of.

    Fixed In contrast to. BlueDriver comparison gives you an in-depth understanding of these tools. It also helps you choose the best scanning tool to maintain your car.

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