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    Fred and Rose West’s kids Their children are missing


    On Thursday, the eldest living daughter Fred West jumped off the Westgate bridge in Gloucester into the Tidal River Severn, and was carried half a mile downstream. She was dragged away from the reeds tangled on the banks of the Severn by firemen. She was blueand unconscious and very close to dying. She didn’t want to be saved. In an interview with the media, she stated”People say that I am fortunate to be alive however I would have preferred to had been dead. I still feel the terror. I still feel the hurt. It’s as if you’re being a kid and all over again.’

    And what a life she enjoyed. Hearing about her attempt to suicide was to relive the things that we would like to forget. For a short period of time, 3 years ago America was caught in the saga of terror caused by the West trial, where the window was open to reveal a dark world that we could not have imagined existed. We witnessed terrible acts of violence as well as dark figures who were alone, and died in a terrible way. They were tortured sexually and long-drawn-out degradations: transformed into living aids for sex to Frederick as well as Rosemary West. They killed the children of their families, tortured their own, and killed children of other people. Then it was done. “Guilty,” declared the jury. “Take her down,” declared the judge. We took a collective breath of relief before being released to normal life, with no crimes. The West children However, they did not get released. It was for them that it wasn’t over. Perhaps it will never be.

    The central figure in the West trial was Anne Marie, who had finally decided to present the evidence of her father and mother. While in the courtroom, Anne Marie gazed at her stepmother Rosemary with a gentle looking, longing, sorrowful eye that was not angry and completely awed everyone in the courtroom. A beautiful, sweet survivor who appeared to be standing in front of us in a state of denial. Anne Marie was Daddy’s girl according to her, even though Daddy assaulted her and gave her syphilis. He also made her pregnant, and punched her in the face with his steel-capped boots. She described her younger, obeying self a “crybaby”.

    She was craving love.You could feel it on her face and through her voice. Rosemary West used a vibrator on her gagged and bound eight-year-old stepdaughter prior to revealing that Fred West had intercourse with her. The couple spoke affectionately to her while they shook and ripped her. They encouraged her to be thankful; they were helping her. After they had hurt her tiny damaged body, they brushed her and gave her a bath in salty water They were’so nice, so sweet”, she said.

    For a long time, Anne Marie was abused through her mother and father, people who visited her basement as well as by her uncle John West, who killed himself while waiting for the verdict. The man allegedly raped her over 300 times. Her father even created tools of torture in his honor for her daughter (the pleasure of sexual sex is diminishing; their sexual conduct was becoming increasingly elegant) one of which required her to move through the streets with a vibrator that was inserted in her. The cellar at 25 Cromwell Street was not just an abattoir. It was a brothel, and was also a Sadeian torment chamber. People had stopped reading about the West story in the papers. They were unable to bear it. Journalists were told to reduce the tone.

    A few years ago the experiment was conducted on baby chimps to show their instinctual need for mother’s love. It was found that when you take away the mother chimp by replacing her with an soft item, the infant will be glued to the object, and then turn towards it for protection, and love it and love it. If you put sharp spikes in an object is bound to continue to embrace and be loved and will require a mother replacement. The child will love its mother. Anne Marie never complained because she didn’t realize she was being mistreated. She was thankful to her parents. When she left home at 15 years old She still sent her parents Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards. The way she looked at Rosemary West in the dock was filled with love, emotion and tears. After she finished providing testimony in the docks, she attempted to commit suicide. Two weeks later she confessed that she was missing them , regardless of what they did. “They were the only thing I could have.’

    “Man’s hand is a cruel and ill-treatment to the human race – it swells like a shelf that is ashore,’ Philip Larkin wrote. We’re in the deepest water along with Fred West and Rosemary West, and the ripples continue to spread. It is believed that the Wests were parents to eight kids. One has passed away. Five are in the care of. Stephen West, when I interviewed him in the past was in a depressed state. Stephen and the West children resemble their father or mother in a way that is unmistakable: his eyes, his heavy cheeks. Anne Marie lost her job as a cook following the trial due to children who were hysterical after seeing her. Stephen West, an electrician was able to keep closed the door before anyone who were able to see this eerie image that resembled Fred West standing there. anne marie west, The West children are aware that they carry in their veins family blood that their parents shed. They may have done horrible things under the supervision of their monstrous parents.

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