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    Habiba Abdul-Jabbar Ex-Wife, Revealed Divorce Reasons


    Janice Brown was her birth name.

    Kareem Abdul’s ex-wife, Jabbar’s Habiba Abdul–Jabbar was born to a Christian family like Janice Brown. This is an interesting fact. After becominghabiba abdul-jabbars mom, she became a celebrity. However, after their divorce, her life was far from the spotlight.

    Janice, who was born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr. and married basketball legend Kareem Abdel-Jabbar before she changed her religion and named Kareem. His Muslim spiritual leader Hamaas Abdul Khaalis chose both Jabbar’s and Habiba’s names.

    We were able to locate Janice Brown (Habiba), despite her private life. Habiba AbdulJabbar, Karem Abdul-exwife, Jabbar, is an avid runner and has a Facebook page called RunHabibaRun.

    Tutu Glam is her clothing line. It produces glitzy, flamboyant tutu dresses.

    Habiba, Kareem’s former husband and a Hall of Famer is a lively woman who has maintained her youthfulness well into her 70s. Let’s pray her charm continues.

    Habiba AbdulJabbar has been married to Kareem AbdulJabbar for seven years.

    As previously stated, Kareem AbdulJabbar found comfort in Islam and decided that he would convert to Islam. It was clear that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s spouse had to be an Islamist as well. Therefore, Janice Brown, his first wife converted to Islam. She was then renamed Habiba Abdel-Jabbar which means “beloved.”The couple met during Kareem’s senior years at UCLA. After a few years of dating, they decided to get married. The ceremony was held in accordance with Muslim norms on May 28, 1971.

    Kareem AbdulJabbar was so committed Islam that he did not even invite his parents to the wedding. America Aljazeera was informed by Kareem that he had made the mistake of not inviting his parents to the wedding. It took him over a decade to correct.

    He said that he was so committed to Islam that, despite deep feelings for another woman’s beauty, he married the Hammas-recommended woman. The marriage was doomed right from the start.habiba abdul-jabbar

    Three babies were simultaneously welcomed into the world.

    Although Kareem’s seven-year marriage to Habiba was short-lived, the couple had three children together. Habiba Alcindor is one of Jabbar’s children. Sultana Abdul-Jabbar lives a private lifestyle.

    Kareem Abdul Jabbar Jr., Kareem Abul-son, Jabbar also played briefly in basketball before deciding to live a peaceful retirement. Although their marriage didn’t work out, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jr. and Kareem Abdul-son were happy for a few more years.

    Habiba AbdulJabbar, Kareem’s ex-wife, Jabbar had three children with Jabbar during their seven year marriage. This image is sourced from Habiba’s Facebook Page.

    Kareem decided to drop the “divorce bomb” while Habiba was only three months pregnant with Sultana. Kareem admitted that he went through a primitive phase of evolution and made poor decisions as a result. Are you sure telling a woman three months pregnant that you are divorcing is enough to count as one?habiba abdul-jabbar

    Their Reasons for Divorce

    Kareem, a devout Muslim, got married against the wishes of his teacher and was eventually divorced. Kareem AbdulJabbar, the NBA champion, who won the world over with his skyhook, had an unusual relationship with his ex-wife.

    Habiba and Kareem had two children and a marriage. They lived separately for a time. The former partners have not lived together since 1973.

    According to the Los Angeles Times Kareem Abdul Jabbar admitted that Cheryl Pistono had had the greatest impact on his life. Kareem’s convictions were questioned by Cheryl Pistono, who encouraged him to seek a separation from his estranged wife.

    Kareem declared his desire to divorce Habiba when he was three months pregnant by Sultana. Their marriage was ended in a religious ceremony and they were later divorced at Kareem’s request.

    Their divorce was finalized in March 1983. It is not known if Cheryl Pistono was involved with the separation of the couple. Jabbar and Janice (alias Habiba) both moved quickly. Kareem was already a father to Amir Abdul-Jabbar when Habiba Jabbar or Habiba J. Herbert remarried and gave birth in 1986 to Sean.

    Let’s all pray that Habiba J. Herbert is able to keep jogging and share her smile with the rest of the world.

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