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    10 Customer Service Habits For Your Medical Practice


    Anyone who runs a healthcare practice knows how choosy customers have become. Gone are days when patients were willing to submit their sick bodies under the care of a rude system that cares less about them. Even worse, unsophisticated. The implication of this is that doctors, nurses, and health workers in the healthcare system must figure out a way to treat their customers better, value their time, and keep them happy.

    After all, What is a healthcare system without revenue increase and profit to keep the equipment running?

    Patients need help from medical practitioners, in the same regard, the health workers need patients to earn a living. This is why some sort of a text message reminder for medical appointments is a standard recommendation at most medical facilities for improved communication. Furthermore, private healthcare companies are rising in numbers, ready to deliver improved and less expensive healthcare services.

    Consumers and patients alike are running after them, hands in and wallets out. Not to mention that people are now able to subscribe to online healthcare treatments and consultations from the comfort of their homes. Any healthcare system that understands the value of customer service will surely roll in the most number of consumers on their list.

    The strategy to win over the hearts of consumers is to improve customer service. The way to enhance customer service is for every worker to treat customers as kings. First by ditching the term “patient” Regard those “patients” as customers especially since they increase the revenue and profit margin. Calling them by their names and titles shapes the customer service mindset.

    Why Customer Service Matters In Medical Service Today.

    A report carried out by the customer operations performance center revealed that the healthcare system has a long way to go before it can catch up with other high-performance industries.

    Healthcare systems are getting more competitive by the day. Customers no longer wait around for doctors who are in the bad habit of wasting time, canceling appointments, or addressing them improperly.

    Secondly, the invention of private healthcare systems and delivery of medical care assistance to doorsteps has increased the power conferred on consumers to make better decisions. The healthcare system has its complexities. Notwithstanding, Consumers are willing to stick out their necks for a system that makes their time worthwhile.

    Furthermore, the Healthcare system is a business-to-business transaction. The smooth running of the system is done through the pockets of these consumers. Counting the high, rich, mighty, and seeming average consumers, they all contribute to the increased revenue and daily profit margin. A report from Paul Keckly reveals that business outlook is done through the pockets of consumers. Now, customer service in medical practice is entirely focused on meeting the business transactions between market partners in the supply chain. Such as insurance, pharmacy, medical and suppliers, and the rest.

    10 Customer Service Habits For Your Medical Practice

    Patients are kings now. More than ever, they’re more aware of how much influence their purchasing power has over the healthcare sector. Moreso, they’re not easy with their choices regarding the choice to make for better healthcare attention. The supply of easy information creates more awareness, hence they treat the healthcare system like every other paid service.

    No longer intimidated by the white coat, raised shoulder, and stethoscope nor the bragging rights most health practitioners enter the hall with. The saying is true, “a happy customer keeps the lights on”. They’ll always recommend the services of hospitals or centers that treat them well. Considering all these, keeping these ten customer service tips in mind will make it more difficult for customers to choose other alternatives.

    Patient And Active Listening

    The easiest way to gain a person’s trust is by giving them your undivided attention. Due to the nature of the hospital system, patients are glad to recommend a health worker who gives them unreserved attention. Someone patient enough to listen to them explain their pain and symptoms without unduly assuming an air of finality.

    The most issue with some health workers is assuming that two lines from the patient sum up their issues. Allowing them to express their thoughts rather than seize the microphone will earn you their trust and approval.

    Greet Customers Properly

    If a person insists on being addressed by a certain title or in a specific manner, courtesy says that is the best way to address them. In the same regard, some people do not mind being addressed as patients even to their hearing while a few are sensitive about it.

    The best approach in this regard is to call them by their name with the appropriate title instead of grouping them under the umbrella tag of a patient. Asides from the disrespect and discomfort in their hearts, you may end up losing a customer.

    Courtesy And Respect

    The slightest slip is often interpreted as district and lack of courtesy. Some do not mind if you act in a certain way towards them. However, most people record every moment in the hospital or health care center. Hence, it is safe to assume that everyone loves and deserves respect regardless of their age or appearance.

    Make it a point of duty to pay heed and close attention to what they have to say about how they love to revere treatment. As a medical practitioner, it is in your place to listen first and suggest better ways afterward. Most people count it as a sign of respect when you pay heed to what they have to offer before imposing your professional advice on them.


    This is where most health workers fail in their line of duty. It is wrong to assume that customers or patients are the only ones who owe you a vote of thanks for saving their lives. You owe patients a note of thanks and gratitude for choosing to trust you and staying with your establishment over their numerous options and alternatives.

    As earlier emphasized, now more than ever, patients can easily receive medical assistance in the comfort of their homes. That aside, gratitude goes both ways. While they express gratitude for saving their lives and making them better, it is only right to reciprocate the gesture. It keeps the relationship mutual and balanced.

    Be Willing To Help

    Are you willing to help? Help in this sense doesn’t translate to treating severe case customers as a liability. Most people cringe at the offer and practice. The concept of help here simply means the sincere willingness to listen, build rapport and offer all the assistance they need to get better. A customer can easily identify when you’re helping it of obligation or sincerity.

    For most people, helping out of obligation leaves you with no choice. However, the best way to strike a chord in their heart is the sincere willingness to offer any form of assistance within your means and expertise. For example: suggesting the food they ought to eat, tasks to avoid, and the rest: all done from a place of concern about their health and well-being.

    Build Close Rapport And Relationship

    Building a rapport or close relationship with your patients is the fastest ticket to instill trust in their hearts. Building a customer-first mindset helps you understand the place of the relationship between a patient and their doctor.

    Clean And Sparkling Appearance

    Poor health and sickness often make one sensitive to dirt and susceptible to contact them too. As a result, customers are more attracted to healthcare workers and the environment that maintain a clean and germ-free appearance. It is considerable care and loves to take charge of what your patients interact with daily within the vicinity.

    Improved Training

    As a health worker, receiving improved training and getting yourself acquainted with the latest health trends, information and improvements are not only beneficial to your portfolio, and promotion but also to your devotion to the patients. Since they’re at the mercy of what you know and are conversant with, it is only safe to consider improved training. This is to guarantee that they receive the best healthcare attention and treatment. 

    Advanced Medical Equipment

    Day by day, the healthcare system receives advanced and upgraded medical equipment. Customers will further consider the system that invests more in acquiring advanced medical equipment. Hence, considerably outstanding customer service in medical practice may involve getting your hands on the latest medical equipment.

    Build A Follow Up System

    Getting feedback from customers is the fastest way to stay on track with what customers love, hate, and want more. Be it good or ugly, always ask for feedback. Build a system that allows customers to give their feedback without compromise and fear. It may be a secret form or on your website. Whatever method is necessary, getting feedback from customers keeps you on track and aids better evaluation of services.

    Building top-notch Customer service in medical practice doesn’t cost an arm or leg. All it demands is dedication, attention, and sincerity. Doing all these and more keeps you in the good books of patients. 

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