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    Halloween Campaign: Yellow M&Ms candy goes ghostly


    M&M are an iconic Halloween candy, but it has been 11 years since the brand launched a commercial to celebrate the holiday. Yellow might have died, according to the latest commercial. Yellow M&Ms, The spot, titled ‘Ghosted’, was produced by BBDO New York. It opens with Red and Yellow leaving a Halloween party, apparently unscathed. Red comments how happy he is that they survived another Halloween without getting eaten. Yellow is a bit glum, but he agrees. We get a feeling that maybe he didn’t make it through the pumpkin as Yellow walks. We see that he has had a bite taken from his back, and we can see him becoming a ghostly figure as he floats off. This is why Halloween candies are not always eaten.

    A six-second version of the spot, “Eaten,” will be available online in addition to the 15-second one. The full-length spot was also created in Spanish to appeal to Hispanic-focused viewers.

    M&M’s are synonymous Halloween. For years, we have heard from our customers how much they love our Halloween commercials. We wanted to create a new spot this year to keep the holiday’s excitement going and surprise our customers in a fun, new way. This is Allison Miazga Bedrick, senior brand manager, M&Ms Brand. We hope that our customers enjoy the new commercial as much M&M’s Halloween candy.

    The brand also released new print ads with Halloween themes. The brand has previously released Halloween ads, including ‘Headless Horseman’ in 2007, and ‘Ding Dong’ in 2000. These spots have been running intermittently for the past few years. These spots and ads will continue to be shown on TV, online, and in print throughout Halloween season.

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