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    Hillside elevator cost


    Your home is your sanctuary. Your deck is your paradise. You can see miles from high up above the lake. This amazing view requires a long flight up stairs to reach the dock. The perfect solution for stairway hikes is a hillside lift. Also known as a hillside tram or residential funicular, a hillside elevator can be found here. Perhaps you’ve been researching a hillside elevator but have not received a quote. These are 10 factors that can affect the cost of your project.

    1. Application System

    Two main types of hillside lifts are commercial or residential. Commercial applications are for businesses such as marinas, restaurants and hotels, condo associations, golf clubs, etc. Residential applications can be used for single-family homes. Commercial applications are generally more expensive due to the strict requirements for design, control, and capacity. Commercial systems are generally more expensive than residential systems.

    2. Hill Length

    Track and structural materials will be required for a longer incline. Each additional track section requires additional installation labor. The total length of the system will determine the size and type of the power unit. We’ll talk more about that later.

    3. Hill Angle

    Due to power system requirements, a steeper hill angle may increase your system costs. Additional bracing may be required for steep inclines. Because of the difficulties of climbing and material handling, steeper hills can result in higher labor costs and increased cost of installation.

    4. Capacity and size

    The power unit size and type will be affected by the size and configuration of the system. The system size will also affect the cost of materials for a heavier carriage, heavier cable, and track. To ensure that each system performs efficiently and safely, a wide range of components is used.

    5. Type of power unit

    Marine Innovations can build both traction drive and winding drum systems. While winding drum systems are more cost-effective, they have limitations due to their design. Traction drive systems are more flexible, but have more parts. They also tend to be more expensive. The type of power unit will depend on the system length, angle, and capacity.

    6. Terrain

    An installation that is simple and straight usually results in a straightforward hill. Complexity of an installation is increased when there are multiple angles to the hillside. For the best installation, a system may require additional structure. A self-leveling system can be added to allow the rails to run parallel to the ground while keeping the carriage level. These options will increase the cost of your system. Your Marine Innovations representative will visit your site to review it and discuss all options for making your system work.

    7. There are many options

    You can customize your hillside lifts with a range of options including carriage designs, landing gates, lighting, communications, controls, security, and windscreens. Some systems can have up to six stops. Every stop will add cost to the system, as well as the possibility of adding options. To learn more, see this video.

    8. Soil Conditions

    Different soils require different installation methods. Most installations are made using our robust and efficient engineered pin piling system. However, certain areas may require rock anchors or cement footings. The final cost of a system can vary depending on how it is installed.

    9. Finishes

    Our standard system includes a galvanized trolley and a carriage with powder-coated rails. However, you can order custom colors and powder-coated rails as well as stainless steel to increase the system’s cost.

    10. Localization

    Cost will be affected by the system’s location, as well as the angle and codes. A building permit is required for most installations. However, some areas may require engineering, additional testing and permits. Some areas may require special equipment, or footings. These items can have an impact on the final system cost.

    Since 1991, we have installed hillside lifts in North America and can provide an accurate estimate of the cost of your system.


    We haven’t included every item that can affect the cost of a hillside chairlift, but this will give you an idea of the most important items that can impact the system’s cost.

    While cost is important, it’s not the only factor that will drive your decision. When comparing manufacturers, take into account the product. Compare the quality of a Marine Innovations hillsidelift. You can trust Marine Innovations to provide a long-lasting return on your investment. This video will show you how we create the best hillside lifts in the world. Safety is also important. Safety is a top priority for our systems. They meet or exceed ASME elevator codes. You won’t get a reliable, long-lasting elevator that can transport you and your family for many decades. Safety is not sacrificed just to save some money.

    We have listed some factors that can impact the price of your hillside lift, but it is best to contact us today to receive an accurate cost estimate. They can be quite affordable, you might be surprised.

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