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    How a new sexual guideline sparked complaints, and also joy


    Name: Clamping koala.

    The age: Newly coined.

    Appears:Seated facing partner, legs crossed at ankle, and with the option of leaning back.

    What’s that, some type of yoga? It’s kind of like this Yeah.

    It’s an exercise, right? No, although it is likely that you will be burning calories.

    What’s it all about? It’s a sex position.

    Nonsense. I’m familiar with all three sexual positions, and this isn’t any of them. Actually , it’s just one of the 60 positions listed in a complete guide written by Norwegian public television broadcaster NRK.

    Sixty? Does that mean missionary? Yes, misjonaer is included and spaghetti too. silkworm, wheel of luck and the flamenco.

    The Flamingo? On one leg.

    Who sits with one foot? Which leg is it? But don’t fret – the entire process is explained in detail with images in black and white, to benefit all Norwegians.

    What are the reasons for this? These include positions for homosex couple, women who are pregnant, and people who suffer from back pain and knee pain. If the job didn’t have an Norwegian title, the Norwegians came up with one up. Hence the name klemmende Koala or the clamping or squeeze, koala.

    What drove the broadcaster make such a guide in the first in the first place? Public duty. “NRK wants it to lead to increased knowledge, greater openness and security, inspiration and new conversations about sex,” said the guide’s editor Reidar Kristiannsen “which ultimately means that even more people get a sex life they enjoy.”

    I’m sure there’s been a lot of complaints. Sure, around 97.

    Does that cover it all? What number of people saw it? Over 850,000 people have seen it since it was launched on June 11.

    Where can they find it? The site is NRK’s. The photos are of real couples and nobody is sexually explicit in them The couple is just posing.

    It’s still hard to believe that the taxpayers’ dollars have been used for this. It’s Norwegian taxpayers’ money.

    However, I do wish it came with a proper warning. It states: “Remember that you do not have to try all the positions.”

    That’s a great relief. However, you never know when you may find something fresh and interesting that you’d like to explore.

    Are you willing to offer? I’ll be in touch with you.

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