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    How did Spongebob die? Mystery Solved!


    Do all the characters from Bikini Bottom need to suffer an awful end? Since the cartoon was first introduced, each character has suffered a terrible death.

    The cartoon isn’t the identical. The characters as well as the story have undergone significant changes over the course of the run. Because of this, the fans have created a myriad of theories of one of the top animated series around the globe. The person who created Spongebob Squarepants, Stephen Hillenburg has expressed his opinion on the theories of fans.

    It seems like all the characters in the cartoon pass away at some point during the animation. There are theories about that spongebob’s death was due to a series of events. What is the reason why spongebob die? Follow this article If you’re ready to solve the mystery.

    About Spongebob Squarepants

    SpongeBob SquarePants started its run on TV in July of 1999. Since then, it has become a cult show, a lot of people even grown-ups have been awestruck by the show. (people who watched them in the 2000s have mature enough).

    The show is an extremely viewed and was able to make several appearances in the screen. The universe has expanded and different characters have taken various turns, and even passing away. Many characters from the series have passed away. But the story was good even though the main characters were not. What do we know about the story?

    The story of Spongebob is centered around the main characters under water. Spongebob and his best buddy Patrick, Sandy Cheeks as well as Squidward, his neighbour Squidward as well as his greedy boss, his boss Mr. Krabs comprise the main characters in the cartoon. The entire story revolves around these characters.

    The show has become a hit to many, some viewers have noticed changes with regard to the appearance of Spongebob. They are of the opinion that the character they see isn’t the same character that they were able to see in the initial season of the show. Does this mystery hold any truth? Did spongebob die? If so, how did spongebob die? Let’s discover the truth.

    How Did Spongebob Die? Mystery Solved!

    Spongebob The cartoon everyone loved, began to decline in quality. The decline started following the fourth season of the show. Death of the Stephen Hillenburg. Then came the spongebob films and the show began to go on with out Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of the team that created the series.

    Who Is Spongebob?

    Spongebob has always been a bit silly. However, the character doesn’t have the same old fashioned look now. It is apparent like the personality has changed. The show started to progress, the character got more silly and was more of a story for children performing a kid-friendly comedy.

    The change in personality quickly led to the notion that spongebob actually had passed away. Fans of Spongebob like believing that their favorite character passed away during the seasons prior to when the first movie about spongebob was released. It is possible that he died in the very first big screen adventure that took place under the ocean.

    SpongeBob’s Child!

    However, they are asexual and can reproduce sexually which led to the notion that he died and re-created himself, to be replaced by another young spongebob. The spongebob isn’t the original character, but is the son of the original spongebob – that’s the theory. This is also the reason why the character hasn’t died.

    There isn’t any discussion about what happened following the events in the original spongebob film. The cartoon doesn’t describe how spongebob became the brand new boss for Krusty Krabs 2. What happened following the fact. Its creator, Hillenburg stated that everything that happened in season 4 of the cartoon were the prequels to the first three seasons.

    Mystery Revealed

    The explanation for the death of SpongeBob remains a mystery. But, his gradual development into a childish character is a clue to the theory of child reproduction and child development an enigmatic acknowledgement. It also clarifies the reason the character’s appearance has drastically changed through the seasons.

    In other words, if you are asking why spongebob died and who was responsible for his death? There’s no definitive answer. It is however possible that spongebob passed away during their first major screen appearance. All subsequent episodes were set in the past, when the actor was younger. It is possible that all subsequent seasons depict his childhood at the bottom of the swimsuit beneath the sea.

    Who Else Died In Spongebob?

    Other characters from the series are also believed to have passed away. For instance Mr. Krabs died in a strange manner which no one was able to explain. Sandy Cheeks as well died in a mysterious manner. Squidward, Spongebobs neighbour, also died by suicide.

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