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    How do you swiftly add a watermark on an existing video using VSDC


    Do you want to safeguard your video content from copying? Do you want to market your business through videos? Video watermarks are an effective way to accomplish this. They could be displayed as text, or an image. They could cover the entire visual portion – stretched to fit the dimensions of the video, or just sit at the corners.

    If this is something you’ve been searching for, read this guide. We’ll teach you how to apply a watermark to any video using the free software for editing videos called VSDC. Once you’ve read the directions for adding a watermark on the video should take about two to three minutes, or less. In contrast to a watermark placed that is placed on a photograph it will be difficult to remove as it’s literally embedded in each image in your film.

    A watermark technically is an object added on top of footage that is visible throughout the video. Also it is necessary to include an extra layer of your project in which the watermark – whether it’s your logo or text can be found. The first step is to create the watermark of text and explain how to create a watermark using your logo or another image. It is recommended to go through the video tutorial prior to reading the instructions for text below.

    How do I apply a watermark of text to an online video

    After downloading and running VSDC on your PC then, you can transfer the video that you would like to put a watermark on.

    1. After it’s been added to your timeline, then you’ll have to include a message to the video. The icon for this is on the left side of the menu, and resembles an “T” letter.
    2. If you click the “T” icon, the “Object’s position settings” window will open. Select “Whole parent duration” in the first column.
    3. Put the cursor in the scene to make a space for the watermark. If you’ve lost it, do not worry you’ll be able relocate the mark at any time.
    4. Enter text into the field you’ve made. There’s an editing menu for text is now visible on right at the very top of your interface . make use of it to create your watermark.
    5. Explore the settings that alter font size and thickness, as well as other variables for the type of text. vsdc free video editor watermark, If you’re looking to use one particular font but it’s not listed in the dropdown menu, then download it first to your computer and VSDC can “pick it up” automatically. There are numerous websites that offer free fonts that you can download. below is a listing of some.
    6. You can then decide how thick the border of the letters must be, as well as adjust the opacity of text so that the text becomes translucent.vsdc free video editor watermark The latter can be found under the “Text color” tab – check out the image below.

    7. Then click on it by using your left-click, and use the drag motion to position it precisely where you would like it to be within the scene. If during altering, you’ve added other images to the timeline be certain that your text layers are of the same size as the entire project. It is possible to stretch the layer by hand if you need to.
    8. When you are ready, click the “Save” button to save your video on your computer by clicking your “Export project” tab.

    How do you include a logo watermark on an online video

    If you’re looking to add a watermark the video, and you want that it be an image, like your logo, or some other type of creative, you are able to do it too. It is recommended to make use of an excellent PNG image that has a transparent background, but colored logos work well. Here’s how it follows step-by-step:

    1. After you’ve uploaded the video into VSDC After that, click”Add object” and then click on the “Add object” icon. Choose “Image” and upload the video from your computer.
    2. Within the “Object’s position settings” window In the “Object’s position settings” window, choose “Whole parent duration” in the first column.

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