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    How to Get Choice home warranty Awards ?


    About Home Warranty Awards

    The year 2012 was the first time we began offering awards called the Annual Home Warranty Awards to provide home warranty service providers with incentives to increase their satisfaction and service delivery. We are happy to let you know that the satisfaction of customers has since been increasing.choice home warranty awards

    The awards are given to companies that provide high-quality customer service, efficient claims processing, and a good digital experience throughout the term of their contract. In this year’s edition, we will award awards in the following categories: the Top Ranked Company, Best in Service Company Editor’s Pick, and Best in Service Company.

    Select Process

    The screening procedure is rigorous. The home warranty companies we nominate have to meet certain criteria for being shortlisted. They must:

    Be present for at least five years in the field

    Have a base of customers of at least five thousand

    Provide coverage across the nation (i.e. that it should give coverage for more than 75 percent of US states)

    The companies that have been shortlisted must then display high levels of these –

    The Customer Satisfaction Rate and the Retention Rate

    User-Friendliness and Digital Experience

    Engaged Social Media Rate

    Many ways to achieve customer Satisfaction

    Awards Categories and Nominees 2021

    We are delighted to observe and appreciate the security precautions and the unstoppable service offered by all home warranty companies in the last year. The nominees all have demonstrated exceptional standards of care and high-quality services, despite the pandemic. These are the nominees in each category.choice home warranty awards

    Nominees to the Top-Rated Company Awards

    American –Home- Shield (AHS)

    Choice -Home -Warranty

    Select Home- Warranty

    ServicePlus- Home Warranty

    Home Service Club Home Service Club

    Editor’s Choice Award Nominees

    2-10 Home Warranty on Buyers for Home

    American -Home- Shield

    Choice- Home -Warranty

    Select- Home- Warranty

    ServicePlus- Home Warranty

    Home Service Club -Home Service Club

    Best In Service Company Awards Nominees

    American- Home Shield

    Choice Home- Warranty

    Select Home -Warranty

    ServicePlus -Home Warranty

    Home Service -Club Home Service Club

    Winners of The Annual Home Warranty Awards 2021

    Top-Rated Award for Company Top-Rated award American Home Shield

    Editor’s Choice Award – Select Home Warranty

    Best in Service Company Award – ServicePlus Home Warranty

    Words from winners of the annual HOME WARRANTY ASSISTANCE Award 2021

    The winners from the Annual Home Warranty Awards for 2021 have expressed their thanks and gratitude for the award.

    Select Home Warranty : Winner of Editor’s Choice Award, 2021

    Select Home Warranty is very happy to have won The Editor’s Choice Award. It’s a great honour to be acknowledged by our commitment to the satisfaction of our customers. We are very proud of making sure that our customers’ experience is as simple as humanly feasible. Our aim is to give our customers security knowing that their appliances are secure and that their comfort and satisfaction are first. We hope to continue to provide outstanding customer service for years to follow!

    ServicePlus Home Warranty Winner of Best In Service Company, 2021

    As a representative of the whole ServicePlus Home Warranty team, we are honored to be awarded this year’s Best in Service Award. Since we have been involved in the home warranty business from 2005 onward, our landscape of competition has drastically changed in the past. The achievement of such a distinction in the home service industry isn’t an easy feat that can be accomplished without my incredible leadership team and the amazing employees at SPHW. Kudos for Team SPHW for making this happen . And a special thanks to our loyal policyholders who have put their trust and faith in our expanding company!choice home warranty awards

    Winners Code of Conduct.

    If a recipient of the award uses our award seal to make any gains through marketing, it is mandatory that the recipient also cites a reference to our website, i.e., The winning companies are prohibited from breaking the terms and conditions set by They are also prohibited from modify or alter the hyperlink, or any textual, visual or other information connected to it without our consent.

    Note: reserves the right to withdraw any award presented to a company.

    A Important Reminder To Our User

    The winners of this year’s Annual Home Warranty Awards are mostly selected based on user reviews we receive on our site and the above criteria. We do not recognize any benefits, financial or otherwise, from any of the winners in this awards, or the previous ones. While winners are selected after careful analysis however, there is a chance of errors or mistakes irrespective of the best efforts. Therefore, we recommend not to interpret these awards as being of an advisory or ad-hoc nature. We recommend that our readers practice caution while researching companies, as will not be held responsible for any errors based on misinformed decisions.                    


    Any information present on or linked with this site is of an informative nature alone and cannot be considered as advice of any kind. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of feedback provided by visitors to our website and we do not guarantee the accuracy of the ratings and reviews which are received by different organisations. We do however confirm that we’ve taken every precaution to ensure only the most up-to-date information is on our site. Use the information available on our site for information only, and not as legal advice. For more information about the previous winners of these awards take a look at the 2019 and 2020 winners and 2019, as well as 2018, and 2017..

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