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    How to make your room smell like vanilla


    You don’t need to bake cookies if you want to infuse your home with the rich vanilla aroma of baked goods. Vanilla extract is a liquid made from vanilla beans that have been soaked in alcohol. This will make your room smell like vanilla. It won’t take much time for the vanilla aroma you want to permeate your home to begin to diffuse once you have exposed some of the concentrated extract.

    Heat Trick

    A small amount of vanilla extract can be put into a dropper. Make enough to make two to three drops.

    Install an accessible light bulb in a room fixture, such as a lamp or hanging fixture.

    With the dropper, drop two to three drops vanilla extract onto the bulb. Turn on the light. The vanilla smell will waft from the room due to the heat and extract.

    Soaked cotton balls

    1 tsp. of vanilla extract into a small bowl. To soak, dip several cotton balls in the extract.

    Place the cotton balls in a small container or dish.

    You can place the dish or jar in a discreet area to allow the scent to drift into the space.

    If you have a lot of space, soak several cotton balls and place them around the room.

    The Stove

    In a small saucepan, heat 2 cups water.

    Add 2 tbsp. Add 2 tbsp vanilla extract or flavor to the water, and bring it to a boil.

    Let the mixture simmer on low heat until it is fragrant.

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