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    How to please a woman in bed with the help of a cam girl


    One major fact you need to know about sex is that we all have different and genuine desires. The ways we show and pronounce these desires are far apart and different from the regular. So, it is essential to note that your turn-on might differ from another’s, and that doesn’t make them less of a person sexually. Some women might prefer being regarded as naïve when they truly enjoy submission, while others are made for domination and other wild kinks and fetishes

    There are more than enough fetishes scattered across various individuals, and one person may have more than 5 fetishes. Exploring each of them becomes necessary for him if he wants to explore his sexuality fully. With this, you shouldn’t expect everyone to love sex the same way you do or have sex the same way you do, and this variation makes the entire concept of sex more than enjoyable to explore. 

    A woman who enjoys sex is quite different from the man’s perspective, although they both have the same primary objective. There are several means and skills to help you understand how to please a woman in bed better than you currently are, and here are some of them! 

    Being vocal doesn’t make you less of a man: 

    Most men believe keeping quiet during sex makes them manly. That’s wrong, and you should debunk it! Women enjoy men that are vocal with their feelings and emotions while sharing intimate moments or having sex. Most men on live girl cam are such that they enjoy the company of the cam girl not because she’s performing, but because she’s saying what they’d love to hear. In that same light, you must pay rapt attention to your woman if you want to please her more in bed, be vocal about what you are feeling, even if she’s the type that enjoys talking while having sex, you should talk. All of these will make the sex enjoyable and will deliver orgasm faster than you can imagine. 

    Don’t forget to compliment her:

    Don’t mistake limiting compliments to only when she dresses well or when she just returned from the saloon. Irrespective of the type of relationship you both have ensure you don’t leave out the compliments. On live girls’ cam, you are likely to see the cam girl sending compliments around and conversing with her tippers in the live show to both show gratitude and pitch the “there’s more in my private session” talks. So, enough of not wanting to get romantic and just swing into being romantic if you truly want to please her. You can pick one or two strategies from cam girls’ live sessions when you visit cam sites. 

    Ask how she wants it:

    Don’t make the mistake of assuming you are doing it the right way! You might think you are getting it right and hitting the spot all along, and all you’ve been doing is just expelling energy. Don’t be too naïve not to ask what type of sex she’d want. There are days when she might prefer the slow romantic type of sex and when you need to get furious and rough. It all depends on her mood and your sexual prowess. So, if you have always thought you are doing it right, you might want to pulse for a second and ask her if you are doing it right. You’d be surprised at the reply. 

    Don’t be too shy to let her know when you are near ejaculation:

    One fun fact you should know about women while having sex is that they might not orgasm, yet they are pleased knowing that they’ve done the right thing by making you ejaculate. The same way you feel great as a guy when she tells you, “you’re going to make me cum” is the same she’d feel great if you tell her. Your ejaculation might be a catalyst for her orgasm, and mutual orgasm at the same time has proven to be one of the most enjoyable means of accessing sexual pleasure. Both of you climaxing at the same time adds some extra spice to the entire sex and could be the one way you please your woman better. So, when you are near climax, be vocal about it, and let her know she’s doing the right thing. So, while complimenting her and being vocal, you indirectly please her, although she hasn’t orgasmed. 

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