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    How to remove crawlspace vents for replacement


    Ventilation under the house is provided by crawl space vents. Vents should be easy to open and close by hand. Vents that are hard to use or damaged should be replaced. It is not difficult to remove crawl space vents for replacement. To secure your crawl space vent within your foundation block, you will need to use a thin layer mortar. With the right tools, this thin mortar can be easily broken down. Brick chisels are a useful tool you might need. These tools are readily available at your local home improvement center.

    Step 1

    With a brick chisel or hammer, chip away at the mortar around the crawlspace vent’s outside rim. The mortar around the outside edge is thin. The brick chisel should be placed between the mortar and crawlspace block. Use a hammer to tap the end of your chisel. With little effort, the thin mortar will break away.

    Step 2

    Continue to chip away at the mortar around crawlspace vent’s circumference. Use a claw hammer to push the vent out of the block.

    Step 3

    To clean the area for the replacement crawlspace ventilation, use the brick chisel and remove any mortar. This will prevent mildew from forming on the subfloor. The soil’s water vapor escapes into the air. If there isn’t enough ventilation, water vapor could build up under the foundation and infiltrate the subfloor wood. This moisture can eventually cause irreparable damage. There are many ways to stop excess moisture from building up under your foundation. The best and most practical solution is to install foundation vents.

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