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    How to see who shared your tiktok


    Who shared Your TikTok

    What to Know That How to see who shared your tiktok

    • Profil > upload your video looking up the number next to”share.
    • Find out more information by clicking Profile > Tools for Creators and Analytics to find out the basics about sharing.
    • It’s impossible to view any individual profiles who have shared your videos.

    This article explains how you can discover the amount of times the TikTok was shared and is also a look at what you should do if you’re unable to be able to share TikToks with other users.

    Do You Know Who Posted to Your TikTok?

    You can’t view who has specifically posted on your TikTok. Prior to this, you required to be logged into an TikTok Pro account in order to see the people who had shared their TikTok. In the present, however, that measure has disappeared. Now, you can only look at how an TikTok video is doing.

    It’s helpful to check the amount of shares your videos has since a high percentage of views/shares and likes/views means your videos are seen in greater numbers than they were before. This is a great sign that your video is gradually becoming viral.

    Start TikTok by tapping the profile.

    Click the video you wish to examine.

    Check the number below the arrow in the lower right of the screen to reveal who uploaded your videos.

    How can I find out who Has Posted My TikTok?

    Sharing is an essential feature of TikTok however there are some limitations. It isn’t possible to view the profiles of people who shared your video because of privacy concerns. Instead, you’ll check the number of people who are sharing your videos.

    How do you see the number of Shares using Analytics

    If you’d like to view more information regarding your TikToks you can access this information by using Analytics. This is how to go about it.

    When you first click Analytics, you’ll need to activate the function. Videos that were made prior to this do not include additional stats.

    Start TikTok then tap the profile.

    Click the hamburger button located in the upper right corner.

    Use the Tap the Creator Tools.

    Click Analytical.

    View Shares under Engagement.

    Alternately you can press the Content.

    Tap the video that you would like to review.

    Find the number below the Arrow on the right side to determine the amount that is that has been distributed.

    Why can’t I share my TikToks?

    If you’re unable to share your TikToks You may have to modify the settings. Here’s how you can enable sharing.

    Start TikTok then tap the profile.

    Touch the hamburger symbol located in the upper right corner.

    Touch Settings , Privacy and Security.

    Tap to hide.

    Select the toggle next Private Account to reveal your profile.

    Your videos are now able to be shared with other users of TikTok.

    What else can videos be shared via TikTok?

    TikToks are also shared through the stitching tool, which allows you to perform an duet with another user, and by sharing it with users who aren’t on TikTok. Here’s how you can send a video to anyone who isn’t using TikTok.

    Start TikTok then tap the profile.

    Select the video you want to upload to.

    Make three taps on your right side.

    Select the method that you would like to distribute the clip.


    • Does TikTok inform you when someone posts your video?

    TikTok doesn’t issue notifications about videos shared. The only thing you can track is the number of times users have shared the video.

    • How can I post the TikTok film on Facebook without using a link?

    There is a Sharing (arrow) menu in the TikTok video gives you the option to share directly to Facebook. It is also possible to share via email, text, Snapchat, Reddit, Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter.

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