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    How to Severe the loss of hair Postpartum With Divi hair Serum ?


    The loss of hair in postpartum is among the most severe.

    As I was going through postpartum with my first baby, nobody could have predicted how severe the loss of hair postpartum would be. I have thin hair, but once I was at 3 months, it appeared as if it was all falling out. It just it wouldn’t it stop!divi hair serum

    In the last month, around 6 months of postpartum the hair stopped falling out as fast as it was, however, I ended up with lots of thin and bald spots. The most frustrating part was that one spot was directly in front of me. I had my hair stylist alter my hair to cover the area and I kept my hair this way over the course of a whole year, until my hair grew back.

    The second time around , the postpartum hair loss was more severe. The loss of my hair began at a bit earlier and eventually the hair fell out. I began to notice two large small spots on my hairline in the front regardless of what I did , I could not cover up.

    I wrote on Instagram my dilemma as well as my pal Keshia hairstylist spoke of seeing advertisements for a brand new product known as Divi that claimed to help in the postpartum loss of hair. Also, she was postpartum and was considering trying it out to aid in hair loss as well.


    Divi Hari serum is lightweight product composed consisting of Copper Tripeptide-1, Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary Leaf Extract and Caffeine. It claims to rejuvenate and cleanse your scalp and, for me aid in hair growth for hair loss.

    When I placed my order, I was notified of my order, and a few days later, it was delivered! I was awestruck by how fast it arrived and how gorgeous the package was. I was very enthusiastic about trying it and as soon as I opened the package, I took out the package to try it. Before I get to the point, I’d like to say that this is entirely my own impression of Divi. In this post, there aren’t any affiliate links or any other information about Divi I purchased each bottle myself hoping it would help me lost hair post-partum.divi hair serum


    The package advises shaking the bottle thoroughly and then apply just one drop a every day (preferably in the time your hair gets moist) then apply it to your hair. I followed the directions and sprayed the majority of my serum in the hair areas that was extremely thin, massaged it into my hair to see that the serum was absorbed quite quickly. I began to my hair dry I noticed the places in which I applied the serum experienced an icy sensation. It actually felt quite lovely!

    MONTH 1

    I used the serum each day as the directions said. I did apply the serum a few times on dry hair, and noticed that that it left my hair bit oily where I applied it. So, wet hair is always more preferred.

    The end of my first week, I did not notice any significant changes. But, I liked the way the hair feel (the cooling effect caused me to think that something was going on LOL) and I decided to go on. For this time, however, I chose subscribe and save, so I would get 10% of my purchase.

    divi hair serum

    MONTH 2

    I continued to apply the serum throughout month 2 and towards the close of the month I noticed tiny baby hairs sprouting up! Yes!! This was an exciting thing to watch, and I chose to go on by extending the month of serum.

    MONTH 3

    The 3rd month was the first month that I joined the subscription plan. My order was delivered a day or two prior to when the month 2 bottle was due to run out. At the end of month 3 I noticed an increase in growth and I began using the product on different places in my hair in an attempt to increase the thickness (hey it’s worth it isn’t it? ).

    MONTH 4

    I’m currently in month 4 and I’m satisfied with the growth I’ve seen. The areas in front that were thinned have tons of hair that is growing back as baby. I’m thinking this could be the last month I use Divi as I’ve noticed the results I’ve hoped for! The only negative for me this month is that the package was delivered late, and I could have been three weeks without my serum. I could borrow a few from the bottle of my husband until I received mine.


    I believe that Divi is absolutely worth the investment. I was skeptical for the initial month, but after baby hairs began to appear, I was convinced. After I had my baby the first time it took me longer to get these results.

    The only issue that I have found with Divi is their price. When I first started to order, I received a lot of emails from them that included special offers such as an additional 10 percent off subscriptions. However, since I wasn’t an existing customer, no of these promotions applied on my situation (my husband’s subscription was eligible however) So I think it’s kind of misleading to say that they are sending current customers those offers that aren’t applicable to them.

    Divi also offers a three-month package at $136. This costs $45.33 for a bottle.


    Although I don’t have any coupon code to give away I’ve noticed Divi distributes a ton of deals (I received two coupons sent to me when I was surfing their site creating this post). If you spend a few minutes on their website or join their email list, and you’ll surely get one of them sent to you.


    If you’re struggling with thin hair or loss of postpartum hair like I am, I strongly recommend taking a look at Divi. It’s important to plan for (at at least) the three months required to observe the results, but it’s certainly beneficial to me!

    I’ll make sure to update this post once my husband reaches his 3 or 4 month mark of making use of Divi and is pleased with the results!

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