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    Incels classify women by personal Style and Attractiveness


    Incel, an online community comprised of “involuntarily sexually asexual” men, who have been radicalized by their mutual distrust towards women has been a reality online for a long time. It was only on Monday, after an individual drove a van through a city street located in Toronto which killed 10 others that the public was aware about its existence.

    The thing that sets the attack apart from other types of terrorism is the fact that it isn’t a militant group based on religious or political convictions -its primary grievance lies with women’s freedom to select their own partners. A explanation of the incel movement on Vox, our sister website. Vox includes a quote from J.M. Berger the expert from the International Center for Counter-Terrorism in the Hague: “Misogyny isn’t new and ideological misogyny isn’t either. It’s not something that’s new. A distinct movement that is defined by misogyny can be consideredunique.”

    Being involuntarily celibate and an incel “incel” community is a different thing as a lot of people, from all genders, don’t have sexual relations but would prefer to. But incels regard the notion of a woman being “involuntarily involuntarily” as a sham They believe that when a woman isn’t “severely malformed,” she can have sexual relations whenever she wishes.

    A post in November posted on the site provided a thorough story of the poster’s struggle to be”a “female incel” which begins with “Before you decide: no I’m not the only one because I’m a strict person and it’s not a choice and no one has in my life showed an interest or concern for me.” The remainder section is full of posters who label the original poster a deceiver or a troll “vapid woman,”” “lonely with no love” as well as a “pig women.” The poster was later banned from the forum.

    It’s not surprising that in a society in which women are viewed as superficial, stupid and bad, clothing worn by women is also viewed as a source of suspicion. Women are viewed by some as “Stacys,” who are beautiful, hyperfeminine and unattainable, and who are only able to date “Chads” (muscular well-known men believed to be in love with a variety of women) and “Beckys,” the “average” woman. Women are generally identified with dehumanizing terms like “femoids” as well as “FHOs (Female humanoid organism).”

    A visual explanation describes Becky in a photo as wearing “loose baggy clothes to cover flat ass and small tits” and requiring “super snug yoga clothes to gain a few glances.” The woman is said to carry her own “$5 bag” and sports an “nerdy hairstyle” due to the fact that she “thinks men like the natural style.”

    In addition, Stacy is the “naturally curly physique” with “big tails and anas” that “give guys instant sexual pleasures.” Stacy is “sexy beautiful, long, gorgeous hair.” the makeup she wears is “on high-end” and she has her own “$2,000 Gucci bag” and “lives in the luxury of”:

    If posts on these forums show anything there are only two kinds of women of incel, both which are thin, white and beautiful. However, while incels appear to believe that untouchable (and apparently non-existent) Stacy will never sleep with them, they are able to feel that they’re due the attention and affection of Becky.

    They’re also occupied by the concept of a sexual market economy. As per The Red Pill subreddit (a phrase that is derived out of the movie The Matrixbut in the world of men’s rights advocates refers to the realisation that society is gender-based and sexist towards men) Some think that men who are 20 percent are experiencing the majority of sexual relations, which is “for all ten girls that are having sex in the last week, 8 are only fucking 2 guys.”

    They also state that the lowest 80 percent of males have been “left fighting for top 20 percent of females. This is about 70% of males, with only 10% of males fighting for the lowest 10 percent of women who are only interested in the elite 20 percent men.”

    That’s right, they consider themselves to be in the lowest 10 percent of people, and see their status as celibate as a mathematical issue that is designed to disadvantage them. It’s evident that this obsession can lead to an obsession not only with the privileges that people with more attractive looks enjoy and the money aspect that they enjoy. It’s due to her attractiveness that Stacy is able to afford an expensive $2000 Gucci bag, whereas Becky is left with a $5 backpack since her photos aren’t as appealing. It’s not a surprise, then that some people have advocated for a form that’s called “sexual Marxism,” or a system which everyone is connected to a person of the same financial wealth and beauty.

    Online or not, isn’t new. By dividing women according to their appearance and personal style and turning their concept into a math problem, incels have made it easy for sexually angry men to think of women as individuals who have their own issues with sexuality instead of as numbers. This makes it easier to treat women as numbers.

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