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    Is 13 Reasons Why Based On A True Story?


    The American pop star Selena Gomez produced 13 Reasons why in 2017. It was a huge hit with the young audience. The series was set in high school and followed Hannah Baker’s suicide. She left behind a collection of tapes that blaming ex-friends, lovers, and others. Many fans have wondered if 13 Reasons why is based on a true story or if Hannah Baker is real.

    Is 13 Reasons Why based upon a true story or fictionalized? Hannah Baker real name

    Many high school students were affected by the stress of high school, from the overwhelming amount of study to dealing with insecurity and bullying. The popular drama for teens resonated with them. Although the dramatized and realistic portrayal of high school students was well-received, there were also many controversies. Soon, theories of a Hannah Baker case began to circulate the internet. Is Hannah Baker really real? The author spoke out to Coming Soon and said that Hannah Baker is fictional and was not real. However, the character is loosely inspired and inspired by his wife and a number of women he met in his life. He said that Hannah Baker’s thoughts, actions, and feelings were inspired in part by his stories and the suicide attempt of his high school friend. These incidents inspired the author’s creation of a character for a female character.

    Hannah Baker: Who are you? 13 Reasons to cast

    Hannah Baker was a Liberty High freshman who is the protagonist of the series. As she struggles to fit in at high school, and navigates through stressful times in her life, the story follows Hannah Baker. Hannah has been subject to bullying and even criminal offenses. She finally gives up on life, but she left behind audiotapes that would punish those who wronged her. Netflix produced the series, which dealt with my concerns due to its graphic details. It depicted suicide, bullying and sexual assault as well as drug abuse. Featuring young talents such as Christian Navarro and Katherine Langford. The series was originally planned for one season. However, the series was extended to two seasons before it officially ended in June 2020.

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