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    Is the routing number for a check located?


    Your routing number is the first nine-digit bank number on a check. It can be found in the lower left corner. Each bank has its unique routing number, which allows them to identify the location where the checking account was opened.

    A routing number can be considered an address associated with your bank. Huntington is one example of a financial institution that has its own unique routing numbers. This code can be used to perform electronic transactions, such as funds transfer, direct deposit and bill payment.

    Is the account number printed on a check?

    Your account number is located at the bottom of your checks. It’s the second set of numbers to the left, which are between 9 and 12 digits. This number allows the bank to identify which checking account the funds should be taken from. You can locate your account number by looking at your bank statements or by logging in to your Huntington Online Banking account. Your account number can be retrieved by visiting any Huntington branch with a valid ID.

    What is the fractional number of a bank?

    Every check has a number that corresponds to the bank where you have your checking account. This number is located at the top of each check. Although this information is no longer used, it still contains the same details as your routing and account numbers. However, the fractional bank number can still be printed on every check.

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