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    Leah Cantillon was a Limerick TikTok celebrity who passed away Feb 2022


    Leah Cantillon was a Limerick TikTok celebrity who passed away an untimely passing on Feb. 25 2022. The influencer was honoured by her many fans on social media, as they offered their condolences to her family and friends.

    The famous TikTok celebrity and marketer Leah Cantillon from Abbey Vale, Corbally died on February 25 at a hospital, in which she was admitted following trying to commit suicide. The death announcement was posted on and reads “Sadly missed by her loving grandparents Martin & Veronica Cantillon, mother Avril, brother Philip, sisters, aunt Nicole, uncle Ross, other relatives & many friends”. When the news of her passing was announced, her followers have been paying condolences and apologies on her friends and relatives grieving her loss.

    Who Is Leah Cantillon? TikTok Influencer Dies Of Suicide

    Leah was an extremely well-known Limerick influential influencer as well as a TikTok popular who had 124,000 followers, with 3.1 M views on her videos. Leah was known as happy and did not get involved in fights or fights. She even performed some charitable work. The social media influencer was known as an exercise enthusiast and posted dance and lip-syncing videos on TikTok often. There was a conflict between her and her boyfriend in the past due to which she was a victim of character assassination. The influencer was suffering from her mental health, and it’s possible that some of the online criticism she received due to her previous relationship could be related to her mental health issues and even suicide.

    Following her death the family of her deceased loved ones received help by the fans.”I ask that Lord will grant you the strength you need to make it through the coming days. I hope to the Lord will bring healing to your hearts as time passes.” One fan wrote. Another Limerick fan also expressed her condolences, writing, “Condolences to the family Beautiful girl who passed away before her time. I wish she rests ,”

    Leah is believed to have attempted suicide, after her initial admission to a nearby hospital. But, the injuries she sustained could not be repaired and she passed away on February 25. The funeral Mass for Leah is scheduled for April 4, 2022, at St. Mary’s Church. St. Mary’s Church at approximately 11 AM, after the service, she’ll be laid to rest for burial in Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery. Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery.

    Several Fans Paid Their Heartfelt Tribute To Leah Cantillon

    Leah was famous for being an avid fitness fan and set several fitness goals of her own since she would often upload her lip-syncing, dance and lip-syncing footage on Tiktok. But, some fans suggested that the influencer may have had a difficult relationship with her former partner. Some even speculated that the Tiktok actor was struggling with serious mental health problems.

    A number of fans paid tributes as one fan was a fan of Leah Cantillon, an amazing and beautiful girl, urged everyone to share their hearts with the world to show their love for Leah. Another fan expressed his surprise at the news , and acknowledged that it was truly shocking that such a talented influencer would die at an early age.

    One of the users on social media remembered the late influencer as being one of the most attractive young people to pass through Limerick and claimed it was an actual fact. The user also said that she was a real-life Barbie Doll. The note ended as it was claimed that to call her insane is an understatement.

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