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    Love Island: Sherif is forced to leave the Villa because of ‘poor judgment’


    Love Island Contestant Sherif Lanre was removed from the show after only nine days of committing a violation of “villa rules. ” The cancellation of the show is “mutually agreed” between Sherif and the producers, according to the official spokesperson of ITV who is the producer of the show. Sherif says that his death is due to his “poor judgment. “

    “I broke the villa rules and as a result agreed with the producers that it was best for me to leave the villa,” the man wrote in an email. why did sherif leave love island, It’s unclear the reason for his abrupt disappearance.

    I did not behave professionally’

    Sherif added in his reply: “I regret that I didn’t act in a manner which was moral and, as an adult of 20 years and a 20 year old, I’m confident I’ll learn notes from.

    “I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in the villa and am looking at catching up with all the people on the outside. “

    When he arrived at the villa, the chef as well as a semi-pro player, said it was his job to create a positive vibe on the area.

    “I feel like if you’re down and around me, you’ll end up being a bit more upbeat,” the 20-year-old revealed at the start of the show in the year. why did sherif leave love island.

    He stated that he was “cheeky, confident and pretty flamboyant” at the time of the first time he spoke to the world in the May month.

    In the wake of the deaths of two former Love Island contestants, the season of 2019 has been scrutinized to determine the quality of care that it provides viewers who have left Love Island.

    They have announced these new regulations for the upcoming season. The contestant from 2018 Alex George, who was an official contestant in 2018. Alex George – who’s now helping with aftercare in the background and has been applauding the support that he received during his time in The Villa.

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