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    Man Body found murdered in a the hockey bag in Uxbridge pond 2021


    Durham Regional Police The police say they are seeking additional information regarding an unsolved murder case that involves the body of a man who disappeared. The body was discovered in a sports bag at Uxbridge the month of May (body found in uxbridge 2021).

    It happened on May 10 about 2:40 p.m. when police were summoned at Uxbridge Concession Road 6 and Allbright Road after a resident found human remains.

    Police say the owner of a property in rural areas discovered a hockey bag floating in the pond. The owner took it out and opened it to reveal the body of a person. This is when the owner contacted police to report the incident.

    This victim’s name was revealed to be 32 year-old Ariel Kaplan.

    Police say Kaplan had last been seen August. 29, 2021 , in The Yonge and Sheppard area of Toronto. Kaplan’s disappearance was reported Toronto police a couple of days later, in September.

    In a post-mortem on Monday, which came five months since the remains were found in the sand, Det. Doris Carriere made an appeal to the general public since there have been no arrests in the investigation.

    “There are some out there with information, and this information is circulated,” Carriere said. “We’re conducting an investigation for in a substantial period of time following the date we believe that the crime occurred. We need the help from the community.”

    Police confirmed that they believed Kaplan was kidnapped on August. 29th, 2021. his body was taken away following a corroboration between cell phone data as well as bank records as well as interviews with people who knew him.

    In May, the police declared that his body was taken away in the Uxbridge region around the time of the 2021 fall. A few witnesses have said they saw a hockey ball in the water at the beginning of November 2021 however they didn’t take it seriously or reported it to police.

    In the evening of Kaplan’s disappearance Carriere claimed Kaplan was dining with several friends in the Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto about 9 p.m.body found in uxbridge 2021

    Kaplan worked in construction and real estate investments, and flipping houses in the Greater Toronto Area, Carriere claimed.

    Carriere added that he’s been involved in “some illegal activities with certain individuals” but investigators aren’t able tell for certain if this is related with his disappearance.

    Carriere stated that Kaplan had connections to his Russian as well as Jewish community in Toronto and also had business connections with those from the Somalian, Italian and Mexican communities.

    According to an interview with a witness, Carriere said Kaplan “feared for his life” during the months leading up to his abduction.

    The coroner’s report confirmed that Kaplan was indeed killed, however Carriere did not go into detail about the type of injuries to confirm the information that was brought forward.

    Even though a missing persons report was made with Toronto police Carriere claimed that “it makes it more difficult for us to begin an investigation a few months later after the person’s disappearance” and has asked people to share information to investigators, or anonymously by contacting Crime Stoppers.

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