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    The Most Popular Games in the Last 5 Years


    Every year a large number of computer games are released on the gaming market, so even the most experienced players don’t have time to go through them in order to understand which releases are worth choosing and which are better to skip. Researching the best gaming sites can be a little tricky. Some sites like Bingotastic can be of help as your source for comparing good online sites in the market. Therefore, it is better to immediately refer to the ratings, which are made by qualified experts in the gambling industry. You can also read reviews about how the top lists for the last 5 years are compiled, or game releases according to user ratings. You can find this information in the article

    How to Know the Most Popular Games of the Last 5 Years?

    In order to find out which computer games have been popular over the past few years, you need to have some free time and access to the Internet. Another thing is when you go to the official site casino Australia online and see the rating of popular online games, which is compiled by the analysts of the gaming platform. Here you can also sort the gambling entertainment into categories according to:

    • release date;
    • addition to the site;
    • developer;
    • genre;
    • type.

    As for computer games, it is worth adhering to the following tips to find the best entertainment:

    Tip №1Search for the information you want on the Internet with your browser. The easiest and most accessible way. The following selection criteria should be taken into account: release period, specific game genre (Action, RPG, etc.)
    Tip № 2Stick to the recommendations and opinions of experienced experts working for well-known publications. Often such magazines at the end of each year make conclusions about the release of the most popular computer games. You can find this information not only online, but also in the printed versions of magazines.
    Tip № 3You can ask the opinion of like-minded or gamers with experience, using thematic forums.
    Tip № 4Compiling the rating can involve several criteria, including feedback from gamers, the originality of the storyline, the volume of copies which were sold, etc.

    But when making a personal top list of the best games, in addition to these tips, you should also listen to your own feelings and preferences. After all, in the casino Fair Go Casino Australia such a list is made by experienced experts who take into account not only their own opinion, but also the other criteria for selection. Therefore, the rating of the virtual institution is more in-depth and qualitative, as it is written for a detailed analysis of game developments issued over a certain period of time.

    List of the Best Games in the Last 5 years

    This list is based on the opinions of a large number of experts working for magazines around the world. We also used a video game ranking system, which you can learn more about at In other words, all the influential world reviewers came to prominence.

    2022Elden Ring, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, God of War  
    2021Resident Evil Village, Forza Horizon 5, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous  
    2020Genshin Impact, Cyberpunk 2077, Friday Night Funkin (indie)  
    2019Red Dead Redemption 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare  
    2018Rust (indie), Among Us (indie), Assassin’s Creed Odyssey  

    So let’s take a look at some of the video games that are listed.

    Elden Ring

    Action adventure game. Events unfold in a dark fantasy world. The central place is taken by this particular extinct world, in which the warriors are trying to bring it back to life. Players will have to fight for the future of their country, using a variety of weapons and magic. Gamers can look forward to additional role-playing elements and an improved combat system.

    Resident Evil Village

    The game’s genre is Survival Horror. The plot centers around a family whose peaceful and tranquil life has been destroyed by unknown assassins. As a result, the wife is killed, and the father and daughter are kidnapped and taken away to the snowy forest. After the man regains consciousness, he sees that the kidnappers are also dead and that the daughter has been stolen again. In search of his daughter, he travels to an unknown village where he meets 4 families who worship an invented idol, Mother Miranda. The man will have to go around the entire valley in which the village is located to find his daughter. On his way there will be various obstacles. Also, the head of the family will encounter Karl Heisenberg, who is known to players from the previous parts. With him will be connected horrifying moments of gameplay, because the “old acquaintance” is engaged in the development of inhuman cyborgs.

    Genshin Impact

    A fascinating plot and unforgettable quests will not leave anyone indifferent to this game from the Chinese developer miHoYo. The release is made in the style of anime. The beginning of the game is represented by the meeting of a brother and sister, who together once again are going to go on a trip to another world. But an unknown divine creature appears on their way, which engages them in a fight and in the end chains the boy and the girl. It’s up to the player to choose a character for them and embark on a journey to find the missing family member.

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    The genre of this game is action-adventure and shooter. All the action unfolds in the spirit of a western on the territory of America. The main characters of the game are the Dutch van der linde gang. The player is in the role of one of its members – Arthur. After the gang unsuccessfully pulls off an intended job of robbing a ferry, they are forced to hide in the woods from the local authorities and headhunters. Gamers will have to take part in fights, shootouts, robberies, hunting, horseback riding, etc. So here the gamer will definitely not be bored.

    Rust (indie)

    Another survival simulator. The main task of the player is to survive in the world of virtuality. And to do this, he will have to overcome not only hunger, but also weather conditions: heat and cold. For this purpose, the gamer will have to build a shelter for his character, get food and other resources to live on. He will also have to fight with other players to replenish his weapon and food reserves. Players can create teams with other users and move together in order to increase their chances of winning. At the end, huge settlements will form. The key is to learn to trust each other.

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