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    Tips to choose the right Online Learning Material for Students?


    Online education, the most preferred mode of education in today’s time, online teaching methods like live online classes and online courses have become common. Online education has shown the world that with the right tools and a strong will to teach and learn, knowledge can be imparted and gained in any situation. Online learning has not only made distance education possible, but it has also provided flexibility in teaching and learning as teachers and students find suitable.

    Although educational tools like teacher apps and school LMS help in teaching and creating online course material, teachers still have to put lots of work into researching and finding suitable and accurate learning material. Teachers need to keep a few points in mind while choosing the online material for students, what are those points? It will be discussed in the article, so keep reading.

    Plan Accordingly

    Planning is the first step towards the goal before you start taking action. The same goes for choosing study materials. As teachers, you may know how important learning materials are for students. You can’t choose just any learning material you see on the internet. To choose the right learning material you need to plan on what you want to teach, how to teach and how much to teach. Teachers need to follow the set guidelines for the study material provided in the curriculum, and then the timeline for completing the syllabus needs to be determined. When all these things are planned then, you can move forward to the next step.

    Do your Research

    As mentioned, teachers can’t just teach from any study material, they need to find the right material for the students. For this, teachers need to do research. Research involves lots of studying and discovering new content, both online and offline. Sometimes you may also need to pen down the study material on your own. It may take some time to research and compile the study material for online teaching, but the more time you will spend on researching good material, the better a student’s academic performance will be.

    Network Right

    Networking is also a part of searching for the right learning material for online teaching. Networking is important for teachers because, sometimes even google can’t give answers, which the right people can. These right people are teachers from different schools, course book writers, ebook sellers etc. You can connect with such people and ask them for suggestions on good online learning material. For example, you can ask an ebook seller about History books of which authors are more in demand. It will help you determine which books are preferred by learners. So network and connect with the right people in the educational industry.

    Check the Accuracy

    Finding the course material is not important, finding accurate learning material is. Students learn what they read in books and watch educational videos. The knowledge and information imparted to them must be accurate. So while researching for study material double-check the source of information and the credibility of that source. For example, you are searching for study material on the topic of Super foodgrains. Then you might want to check that the source for learning material you choose is from reliable sources, such as well-known nutritionists and food scientists etc.

    Language and Tone

    The language and the tone in which a learning material is written or presented play an important role. If the language of academic writing is informal, rude and contains personal pronouns, then it’s not good material. Academic material should be written in a formal tone, with no use of personal pronouns and should have a clear focus on the topic.

    Presentation and Sharing

    Presentation and sharing of learning material affect the learning too. A well-presented and advertised online learning material will reach more learners. And a poorly presented learning material, with great information, would do no good to you and your organisation. That’s why present and optimize your content properly.  For example, you can put your coursebook’s digital flyer on the school’s admission page. So whenever parents visit your admission management system they would know about the quality online learning material provided by your school.

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