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    Police Raid Parlor Pizza Chicago


    Police raided the famous restaurant chain’s three branches Wednesday morning. They were assisting investigating the Illinois Department of Revenue with an unspecified criminal investigation , sources told CBS 2.

    Chicago Police officers and employees of the City’s Buildings Department were taking pictures inside the Parlor Pizza restaurant at 405 N. Dearborn St. in River North. The restaurant was said to be under investigation. famous pizza chain was under review for the possibility of having committed the financial crime.

    Investigators also went to the Wicker Park restaurant’s premises at of 1824 W. Division St. as well as the West Loop location, 108 N. Green St. Agents were seen at an West Loop shop with stacks of boxes, as reporter from CBS2 Jackie Kostek reported. Investigators spent an extended time in three locations, and all were closed this Wednesday.

    People who appeared on the job at River North were locked out and did not know what was happening. The reporter from CBS2’s Tara Molina reported.

    Officers could be seen through the glass doors in the River North location, and going in and out of the side entrance of the street.

    David Shapiro lives steps away from his home in the Wicker Park area. He has taken pictures of evidence boxes folded up at the disposal is the responsibility of an agency, and police officers with a huge presence.

    In an official statement in a statement, officials from the Illinois Department of Revenue said: “In the event of possible infractions related to legislation like the Illinois Tax Act and related crimes the Bureau of Criminal Investigations will examine potential violations. It is the Illinois Department of Revenue cannot discuss ongoing investigations, but they can comment on their ongoing investigations or the fact that they exist. “

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